Tommy Robinson Appeared with Apparent Gay Lover at Site of London Attack

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 24, 2017

lol wtf am I watching?

Tommy Robinson, the pro-Jew (and I think even pro-Moslem) anti-jihad campaigner appeared at the site of the London terrorist attack earlier this week to talk about the threat of “radical Islam” (commonly known as “Islam”).

He brought some queerboy with him, who I guess is his boyfriend. Or I should say, is allegedly his boyfriend.

Some gook woman began laughing at the queerboy – which I did too, watching the video – and the queerboy accused her of laughing at people’s deaths.


The UK is a mess, m8.

This is not a good image for anti-Islam campaigners. As a man, seeing this – if I was only seeing this – I would side with the Moslems. At least they want to wipe-out homosexuals (and allegedly Jews as well, though they have a bad track record of actually doing that one). Tommy Robinson wants to save homos and Jews from the Moslems.

You aren’t going to inspire men who are already masculine with this message, and you aren’t going to build masculinity with this message, and the only possibly way to achieve victory over the hordes is through white masculinity.