Tommeh Robinson Marches on Parliament to Protest Looming Imprisonment!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 11, 2019


All things considered, I feel bad for Tommeh Robinson.

The Standard:

Tommy Robinson supporters are protesting outside Parliament after the far-right activist was jailed for contempt of court.

Robinson’s supporters, who had gathered outside the Old Bailey for his sentencing hearing today, marched through the streets of London to Parliament Square.

Robinson was sentenced to nine months in prison for putting a child sex ring trial in peril and encouraging “vigilante action” among his supporters.

Angry protesters tore down EU flags as they marched. Meanwhile, journalists filming on the College Garden were verbally abused, physically intimidated and had their equipment attacked before police officers arrived.

After the sentencing, people started popping off and the badge-niggers started making arrests. The people began to attack journalist scum in broad daylight and almost went toe-to-toe with the police as well.

God bless them.

Now, Tommeh Robinson is a completely morally bankrupt Zionist shill…

But his supporters are authentic and genuine Brits who are desperate for a figure to rally behind. The only reason that Tommy was ever so vocal in the first place was because he thought that he had the protection of the Jewish mafia.

The people, emboldened by his defiance, decided to rally behind him.

Tommy could have been a basic bitch controlled opposition figure. But he’s become something greater – no thanks to his own efforts, mind you. The system has come down so hard on him that even Tommeh appears to be completely bewildered and unsure how to proceed. He’s not getting the MLK treatment that he expected and his prison stints are becoming life-threatening.

The Jews that support him and his efforts are raising money for his defense, but little else.

Remember when Tommeh applied for political asylum?

Well, so much for that.

I prematurely declared the great cycle of betrayal to be over when Ben Garrison’s White House invitation was rescinded and he was lambasted as an anti-Semite.

Tommy’s is the final betrayal.

While Tommy didn’t do as much stumping for Trump as Ben Garrison, it is clear that Tommy was a diehard Trump supporter and was hoping for help from across the pond in his efforts. But no help was forthcoming.

It’s sad really.

I hope Tommeh’s people burn this bitch down.