Tom Cruise Shows Up at Baseball Game with His Game Face On

Why on earth would Tom Cruise do something like this?

I am talking about: why would he go to a baseball game and sit in the colored section?

But yeah, the plastic surgery is weird too.

This is what he looked like before (October 2020).

We have an old saying where I’m from: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Why should men get plastic surgery?

Cruise has always struck me as something of a weird person, and something of a closeted homosexual. Aside from Mission: Impossible, it’s hard to say a good film he was in.

He’s like the reverse Keanu Reeves.

All of Keanu’s movies are good.

But I guess he’s in the new Matrix movie, which is going to break his streak. That is bound to be some kind of weird gay thing.

In other news: I guess you’re allowed to go to baseball games without a mask in California?

Probably have to be vaxed.

Maybe Tom didn’t get plastic surgery and that face is… a reaction to the vax?