Tom Cruise Applauded by Jews for Going Full Mask Psycho

When I heard that Tom Cruise “went on an expletive fueled rant over coronavirus restrictions on the set of Mission: Impossible 7,” I thought: “great!”

But it turns out it was the opposite of what I thought it was: his rant was PRO coronavirus restrictions. He was yelling at people who had violated the rules.

I want to say that I do get where he is coming from – he’s worried about his own work, and about the work of his friends and his people involved in the industry. He doesn’t want the film’s production shut down again (it was already delayed, and then shut down after it was started).

In the rant, he says that he’s worried about the film being shut down, and he’s worried about all the lives that have been destroyed by the lockdowns.

He doesn’t yell: “people are f–king dying out there!”, he yells, “people are losing their f–king homes!”

So, he isn’t yelling about the virus, per se, he’s yelling about what governments do to people that don’t follow the rules, and how his crew needs to follow the rules so the government doesn’t come at them (he is filming in the UK).

I would have liked to have seen that rage directed towards the rules themselves, however, rather than at randos on set who are not following the rules. It would be powerful if people like Cruise would come out and say, “these rules are destroying people’s lives, and we have to ask if the cure isn’t worse than the disease.”

Despite the fact that he is yelling about the threat of not breaking the rules and not the threat of the virus itself, Weasel Humanoid Jewish virus supporters are using his rant for their own sickening pro-lockdown agenda.

Yes, “Wieselman” is German for “Weasel Man.”

While most Jewish surnames denote some form of precious metal, stone or currency, or have some Hebrew meaning, or are some location of origin, several of them reference offensive rodents.

I’ve never understood why Jews tolerate these surnames that they picked up in Germany, but I’ve ultimately concluded that they like being compared to rodents.

“Tom is a Supporter of the Lockdown” Isn’t the Only Hot Take

Whilst many Jews promoted the rant as being pro-rules, other Jews attacked Cruise for being rich, saying that it is bad for rich people to ever yell at people who are not rich.

Yasar Ali – I still don’t know who this guy is, by the way, though I’ve gathered that he’s a very important pro-war homosexual Moslem – got big ups for the hot anti-Scientologist take.

Feels a little bit too much like shooting barrel-fish to come in with that take. Everyone knows he’s a Scientologist, and most people are against that, but we’re talking about an isolated incident, and forming our opinions on it.

My opinion, if I was allowed on Twitter, would be these <=280 characters:

This audio is being misused by pro-lockdown freaks. Tom is not ranting about the threat of the virus, he’s ranting about the threat of rule enforcers. That said, he’s a coward for not going public to speak of the damage these rules have done to his industry and so many others.

Frankly, I enjoy the “say it in 280 characters or less” challenge, and I would be really good at it. The limit was half that when I was banned, meaning no one really tried to get a complete thought inside of a tweet.

If I was allowed on Twitter, I guarantee you, I’d have 3 million followers, and get viral tweets daily. That would change the entire narrative of Western civilization – that’s not even a little bit of an exaggeration. Think about it.

The only thing I will add is this: if I was allowed on Twitter, a bunch of other interesting people would be allowed on Twitter (and current people who are holding themselves back would be allowed to say what they want to say), which would mean I would have a lot of competition, meaning I might not end up as the single most popular person on Twitter.

  • People who think like me are banned.
  • People who have thoughts like I have but are afraid of getting banned keep from saying thoughts that are similar to my thoughts to avoid being banned (chilling effect)
  • People who would develop the kind of thinking I have fail to develop it because they are not exposed to it, due to society-wide censorship

We do not live in China. The foundation of our stated, established social order is intended to be free speech. The censors are cheating when they silence critics of the regime.

If we lived in China, we would have other ways to push back against the system and make it fairer that don’t require free speech in the way we think of it in the West.

The End of Film

This is also a good time to note that Cruise is right, and this is the end of the film industry as it currently stands. Movie theaters are never going to be a thing again, ever, even if we do somehow get past this virus hoax.

In the post-virus future, there will remain all of these different weird rituals, such as the masks and standing apart from each other. Those will last for the remainder of all of our lives, assuming there is no major revolution.

Furthermore, in the future they are creating, the peasants will not have $75 dollars to blow on date night, or $150 to spend on a family afternoon at the movies. We are going into total poverty, and these kinds of luxuries will not be permitted.

What we are going to have is a whole lot of Netflix style streaming entertainment. They have to keep you occupied with something to do. Based on the release of Cyberpunk 2077 as it is, most of this energy is not going to go into major video games. They want you docile, absorbing trash like the Umbrella Academy, while smoking weed in your disgusting one bedroom apartment, alone.