Tom Cotton Reveals the Truth About How Beijing Joe Didn’t Bring in Nearly Enough Afghans

Senator Tom Cotton, who is a true fighter for Israel and our Constitution, has revealed that Joe “Beijing Joe” Biden failed to bring in enough of our allies from Afghanistan.

Appearing on Fox & Friends on Monday, Cotton mourned the fact that there were empty seats on planes flying from Kabul to America – seats that should have been filled with our Afghan friends.

Tom Cotton is himself a veteran who served in Afghanistan fighting to preserve the freedoms in our Constitution. Many brave Afghans fought beside him, to try to end the threat of the Taliban’s Sharia Law. We have a duty to those Afghans to bring them all into America, and Beijing Joe was flying in planes with empty seats.

Also, Cotton explained, the Afghans who sexually assaulted one of our brave military females on the base in Texas might not even have been our friends. Joe Biden had it all reversed. He was bringing in non-friends, while leaving friends! If women on our bases are going to get sexually assaulted, it should be by Afghan men who believe in our Constitution and are willing to fight against Islamic Sharia Law.

Cotton also said that the Afghan friends who couldn’t get in because of Beijing Joe abandoning them should try to enter on the Southern border, where Beijing Joe is letting anyone in.

America has enough blacks. We don’t need these Haitians Joe is bringing in. If Democrats truly believed in diversity, they would have tried harder to bring in more Afghans. We have 13% blacks already, so why not try to get the Afghan population up to 13%, instead of bringing in more blacks from Haiti? The problem is, the Democrats hate our friends in Afghanistan because they fought against Sharia Law, and the Democrats are trying to establish Sharia Law for America, to replace our Constitution.

America is in a global war against communist Sharia Law and terrorism, and our only allies in that war are Israel and the good Afghans. It’s no wonder the Democrats hate Israel so much. Israel is the only democracy left in the Middle East since the Muslims came in and established Sharia Law. Afghanistan was on the brink of spontaneous democracy, but Joe Biden wouldn’t listen to the troops who said we should keep fighting against the terrorists.

Now Moscow Joe is kowtowing to Putin, after Russia hacked the election to get Biden in, because Trump was so tough on Putin.