Tolerance is Weakness

Markos Power
The Right Stuff
December 15, 2016

I can describe the current state of the Western World in a few words. None of these words are positive. But with the election of Donald Trump and Brexit, the Western World is changing.

We just need to help push this positive change along. We need to help remove false virtues that are shoved down our throats and implanted into our brains. One of these ideas is that of showing ‘tolerance.’

What Is Tolerance?

The definition is as follows:

the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

We grew up and were indoctrinated to believe that tolerance is the greatest virtue to have. In some cases, we were told that tolerance was the single greatest thing that separated our ‘superior’ Western Culture from more ‘primitive’ cultures. Our “greatest strength” (along with diversity).

Let me repeat that.

We were told and instructed to believe that tolerance is what makes us better than other cultures.


Where are all the European people?

Growing up, I remember being told that countries that did not allow for homosexuals to have open gay parades and do all sorts of degenerate things in public were ‘backwards.’ These cultures did not teach the values of homosexuality, and did not teach that women are 100% exactly the same as men. Cultures that did not do these things, I was told, were behind in the times. Old fashion. Obsolete. Ignorant. This is when most of us were first introduced to the concept of ‘Current Year’.

As kids, we were told that our culture so progressive and advanced and that these other cultures still lived in the past. We were told that we were the inevitable march of history, and these other cultures needed to catch up.

Tolerance Is Weakness

The thing about tolerance is that you are putting up with something you dislike and/or are averse to naturally (biologically).

Some forms of tolerance can be beneficial. Going to the gym, lifting heavy weights, and exercising hard is beneficial to both body and mind.

Or tolerating your baby crying in the middle of the night, as you recognize that they are just an infant and are of your own flesh and blood.

But tolerating things that are destructive to you, your culture, and your people is the definition of weakness.

We are told that tolerant cultures are better cultures. I argue that tolerant cultures are weak cultures.

Now, I realize that differences in our cultures exist. We are not a hive mind. But these differences must exist within certain boundaries, and all of these differences still must be working towards the question ‘is this good for the people‘?

To tolerate things that are openly and directly hostile to your people and culture is a sign of weakness and just insane.


You only don’t like this because you are intolerant (IE: not weak, but strong)

–Should we as men, the protectors of our society, tolerate Muslims colonizing our country and openly flaunting their cultural takeover? When Muslims dress up in their costumes, that is the reason. They are doing it to show you that they are taking over and that this is their country now.

Usually when you travel and/or move to a new country and culture, you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. Not unless, that is, you are trying to shape the culture to your own. If tolerating your own replacement is a virtue, I choose to be a sinner instead.


Notice that Western Europe is more ‘tolerant’ and also more heavily colonized by non-Europeans

–Should we as men ‘tolerate’ the spread and normalization of homosexual culture? Homosexuality is used as a weapon against European/White culture and the family formation of Whites. Homosexuals are another victim group that is used to attack and guilt Whites into giving more money and power to the Cultural Marxist Left.

When you start to allow some deconstruction of your society, you open it up to total and complete collapse. Homosexuals thrive in Cultural Marxist urban environments and whatever you may think of homosexuals, they overwhelmingly vote for Leftist Cultural Marxist policies , which are a direct attack on us.


— Should we as men ‘tolerate’ feminists and feminist indoctrination of our sisters, future wives, female friends and cousins, and our daughters? Feminism is extremely harmful to our women and studies have shown that women are more unhappy now than they have ever been (since the start of the feminist movement).

Why is it a virtue to tolerate the above girl to go around demanding that our country is colonized and replaced by Muslims?

So now, with all of that:

Is tolerance our greatest asset, and is it what defines an ‘advanced’ society?

Or is ‘tolerance’ the sign of a weak and decadent society on the verge of self destruction?

Protecting, Preserving, and Spreading Your Culture and Ideas are Signs of Strength

In a recent post I mentioned that we in the West need to start thinking like our ancestors once again.

We need to once again have a ‘success’ mindset; one in which we know and believe in our culture, and will not allow it to be destroyed by showing tolerance to ideas and cultures that wish to destroy it.

Islam, Homosexualism, and Feminism are hostile and competing cultures that wish to overtake our European Western culture. It is not a virtue to ‘tolerate’ things that wish to replace and destroy your culture and people. It is a sign of weakness and an invitation for these competitor cultures to spread and overtake us.

Notice that all 3 of these ideologies all work towards the same goal: replace European Western society with their own culture. In nature, on a long enough time scale, the strong survive and the weak parish.

A society that allows other cultures to gain strength and replace it is not a society that will last very long.

We are lucky that our unlimited tolerance to hostile cultures has ended. We have a new beginning to go forward, and contrary to what the Corporate Media says, we have the best and brightest people around.

The Western world still does have a sick, diseased mind and thought process. But, this is slowly changing day by day. It is something we need to continually work on if we are to survive as a people and culture.

With us who already know, and thousands more everyday learning the truth, I have no doubt that we will be successful once again.

Let’s go