“Tolerance” is a Brutal Talmudic Math Equation and There is Only One Defense

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 24, 2018

In this clip, you may witness the absolute state of British politics.

To set the stage (because only 20% of our readers are British and no one else knows this stage)…

The male figure is Jacob Rees-Mogg, who is basically the figurehead of the “populist right.” He is anti-immigration, anti-EU and a social conservative. He is also a Catholic, while also – as even ESL speakers will recognize by his accent and that queer thing he does pushing up his glasses – a member of the British elite class and went to Eton (the school members of the elite class go to be groomed to be politicians, all members of Parliament go to this same school). He vocally opposed the legalization of gay marriage and is aggressively anti-abortion.

NOTE: I'm just going to tell you straight-up that I have no idea how a purebred member of the British ruling class is a Roman Catholic, without being a convert. The only other such figure I'm even aware of is J.R.R Tolkien, and I never understood why he was a Catholic either. I thought Oliver Cromwell (may God curse his evil rotted bones) deleted this as even a possibility. I know that some went into hiding during Cromwell's proto-Bolshevik genocide program, but Rees-Mogg himself is married to an Anglican and I don't fully understand how that particular process wouldn't have eventually removed the Catholic religion from the ruling class. I'm sure there's some book about it.

The female figure is Jo Coburn, a Jew talk show host.

What she does in this clip, the way she humiliates this presumably well-meaning beta male by forcing him to accept her fundamental moral premise is incredible.

In fact, she does not force him to accept her fundamental moral premise – he’s already been cowed into accepting them long ago. She simply forces him to establish that he accepts them and then beats him over the head with them.

She starts out by pressing him on a member of his own party, Ruth Davidson, who is a bulldyke who is presently pregnant.

She gets him to say it is wonderful that she is pregnant and how he respects her life decisions.

From that point, he has already lost the game.

Because then she says “but you are opposed to her right to marry her partner,” and obviously – obviously – this makes him a hypocrite. If you accept that it is “okay to be gay” and “absolut wunderbar” for a bulldyke to get pregnant and have a child, but you are somehow opposed to homo marriage, you do not have a consistent value system.

He then appeals to religious tolerance, saying that he has a right to believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church which claim that gay marriage is wrong. He even mentions Islam.

Of course, the Catholic Church also traditionally says that homosexual acts themselves are evil in and of themselves, but that particular Christian belief is overridden by the acceptance of “tolerance” as the supreme doctrine of society.

And “tolerance” is the Jewish moral premise I mentioned.

This idea that you have to “tolerate” immoral, anti-social behavior – and ancient blood enemies – within your society means that you cannot oppose anything that anyone does, ever, nor can you offer a moral defense of any position you hold.

And this was always a Jewish trick.

It is often framed that the concept of “tolerance” was simply pushed as a means to get the foot in the door, to flip the power dynamics and then allow those who were tolerated to become intolerant of those who agreed to tolerate them. That it was a bait and switch. “The left is now intolerant” is a common classical liberal trope. On it’s face, that appears true, and the argument appeals to the European ideal of fairness. However, it is a sort of small-brained oversimplification.

The whole thing is actually straightforward, and internally consistent, through a Talmudic math equation.

If you can follow me here…

“Tolerance” of those you opposed to has now become not only that you can’t oppose what they do, but they can oppose what you do, and you can’t oppose them opposing you because by opposing them opposing you you are actually opposing them, and they cannot be opposed because they were the original group that was opposed historically.

The nature of belief in tradition is to be intolerant of that which is opposed to tradition. So the person doing the transgressive, anti-social and/or immoral thing is always the recipient of tolerance.

It is thus that “tolerance” of that which you are opposed to necessarily becomes absolute submission to that which you are opposed to in this Talmudic math equation.

This works perfectly in destroying a white society.

The only trouble is that this math cannot be applied to two transgressive or anti-social groups opposing one another:

  • Does a feminist have to tolerate female genital mutilation?
  • Does a Moslem have to tolerate homosexuality?
  • Does a Moslem have to tolerate anything?
  • etc.

And that, friends, is where the whole concept of “tolerance” will eventually become nonviable.

The backlash against that inevitably unfolding scenario, thus far, has simply been the above mentioned appeal to “real tolerance.”

But that is like trying to repel a tsunami with a water hose. Even if you had some kind of ultra-mega water hose that was miles in diameter and shot trillions of tons of water per millisecond which somehow managed to turn back the force of the incoming wave, you would just flood yourself with your own ultra-mega water hose.

The only defense against the Jewish moral premise of tolerance is absolute intolerance to everything you are opposed to.

Which is why when you look at the current global chessboard, there is one very obvious winner of this game: Islam.

Because they are the only people willing to say “if you don’t believe what we tell you to believe, we’ll kill ya.”

The Chinese are not in my view real contenders because of the lack of a religion, or any other cohesive social unifier beyond race. I will say that no one who isn’t Chinese truly understands the Chinese racial soul, and maybe they are insectlike enough that they can maintain unity through race alone. However, I doubt it. I predict the society will fracture. The amount of internal censorship they are currently forced to engage in is an indicator that they relying on duct tape as they coast on status-oriented consumerism as the primary social driver.

One thing is certain: white society, as it is presently comprised, has zero ability to defend itself from any of this and it is going to get bulldozed. What’s left of it is going to get bulldozed.

Short of the rise of some form of hyper-fundamentalist Heideggerian ascetic imperial fascism capable of establishing a new order which redefines the meaning of existence itself, we’ve got a serious problem.

The Most Important Eternal Truth

The thing that is most absolutely necessary to understand is this:

Power is a zero-sum game. 

Everything that we lose, someone else gains.

And everything we want to gain has to be taken from someone else.

The core lie of the Jewish “diversity” program is that you can empower other groups without losing your own power.

Our power has been entirely stripped from us.

What power does the white race retain?

Collectively, there is nothing.

Individually, white men do still technically have the ability to obtain power. So either we individually obtain power and organize it collectively to disempower others, or we lose the game.

And I don’t mean to pop anyone’s bubble here, but “white nationalism” is not a strong enough social driver to collectively organize power under. Which is why when Charlemagne saw that it was necessary to unify Europe against Islam, he didn’t go to the Saxons and say “hey, let’s all unite as white brothers.”

Nor did Muhammed did unite all Arabs under Arabian nationalism.

The white man requires a transnational 4th generation warfare bloc united under a cohesive, visionary ideal of man’s role in the universe.

Or we lose the game.

We are living in hypertime, and though “hyper-fundamentalist Heideggerian ascetic imperial fascism” might be slightly tongue-in-cheek (or maybe it isn’t), something that could be unironically defined that grandiosely could rise rapidly.

Inside of a decade.

Which is why I tell all of you:

Do not get doxed.

Do not waste your time chasing pussy.

Stay healthy.

Stay sane.

Gain skills, get money, get power.

And get ready.

Because this game ends in our lifetimes.

And we only get one shot at this.

Hail Victory.