Tokyo: Train Lit on Fire by Rambling Man

You hear about a train attack anywhere outside of Japan and think “oh, Moslems again – boring!”

You hear about a train attack inside Japan and you think “are incels finally rising up…?”


Fifteen people were reportedly injured after a fire started on a Tokyo train on Sunday. Following the incident, a man with a knife was arrested and police are investigating whether hydrochloric acid was involved.

The suspect doused parts of the train car with an unspecified liquid and set it on fire at around 8pm local time on Sunday, according to Japanese state-owned news organization NHK citing witnesses.

Police are currently investigating whether hydrochloric acid was also used in the incident.

The incident took place just two weeks after a 45-year-old man was arrested for stabbing two men at Tokyo’s Ueno Station. Both victims were hospitalized and the suspect – who was reportedly “rambling incoherently” and carrying a bloody knife – was soon apprehended by police.

This is breaking news, but I’m gonna go ahead and call it as someone who totally snapped from the virus hoax, and was presumably already under a lot of personal duress as an incel.

There was a mass stabbing by an incel in Japan a couple months ago – can’t find it now, but you can bet I’m remembering correctly.

People who were slightly unstable before the virus hoax are now completely insane and potentially homicidal. People who were doing fine are now hanging onto the edge of their sanity. This was all obvious, and I said this was going to happen. I’m actually surprised these “psycho incidents” didn’t get much more common much sooner.