Today was the Deadline for My Book Release, But the Coronavirus Hoax Made It Obsolete

Today is a sad day for me. It should be a happy day, as everything was on track to make it one of the important milestones of my adult life. Like so many milestones in so many adult lives, it was taken away from me not by a virus, but by a lockdown hoax.

As I believe is the situation of most people in the Western world, I do not know a single person who has died from the coronavirus. I know a lot of people who have had it, gotten a mild flu and gotten better, but none of them had their lives destroyed. Conversely, I do not know a single person who has not had their life destroyed by the lockdown. Some people might not know just yet how badly their life is destroyed, because the government is printing money to hold the economy up for the time-being. Everyone knows the way all of this is affecting them psychologically, emotionally and spiritually, however.

I consider myself to be an accomplished writer, but up until yesterday, I was 35 years old, and had not published a book. (Today, I am 36 years old, and I have still not published a book.) I have notes for at least a dozen books, and four of the notebooks are within striking distances of completion. Among others, I have on the drawing board a health and fitness manifesto, a personal political treatise systematically laying out how I came to my various conclusions (not a manifesto, mind you, just a statement of beliefs), a vitriolic diatribe against feminism, a vitriolic diatribe against feminism in the form of an alternative history novel about an American Baptist preacher who took a hard stand against feminism in the 1970s and built a populist-Christian-natalist movement, an unlicensed sequel to C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity dealing with modern moral and philosophical dilemmas, a compiled review of dystopian science fiction, and a dystopian science fiction young adult novel.

In the end, when I turned 35, I decided I would not make an announcement, but would finish the easiest book on my list and have it published before my next birthday: it was a book of advice for young men, particularly aimed at those between the ages of 14 and 18, entitled “Don’t Do Anything I Wouldn’t Do.” That age demographic is I believe the most important to reach, so even though it is a small demographic, I decided it would be more than worth my time to focus on that. I’m also sure that older men would have enjoyed reading it, and might be able to gain some insight from it, though that was not a consideration in the writing.

I was planning to publish physical copies of the book, primarily for my own sake. I would print a limited run of 1,000 copies which I would sell via bitcoin and have drop-shipped through a company I’d already contacted and worked out most of the details with. I would also distribute electronic copies of the book on the site for free for those who refused to pay, but I would make someone keep clicking through confirmations that would say things like, “yes, seriously, I’m going to take this without paying you.” Most people would be guilted into figuring out bitcoin. If they weren’t, they would come back and pay me after they read the book, because it was going to be that good, and at the end I would include a “come on dude – pay me” message.

By mid-January, I had already finished the complete notes. In my own personal style of writing, that means that the entire thing was effectively already written, and it was just a matter of filling in the paragraphs. “Complete notes” here means that every point I wanted to make in every chapter was laid out in the traditional hierarchical outline form that I learned in high school. To me, that meant that the real work was already done, and it was just a matter of sitting down and pumping it out. As you may know as a reader of this site, I am an accomplished word-pumper, and so this was simply a matter of ensuring that I had 15 hours a week to sit down and do it. It would all be much more polished than anything I publish here on the site, but nonetheless, I was certain that my personal first-last draft would have been finished by April, at which point I would pass it around to about a dozen people I respect who had agreed to review it, then I would review all of their notes and have the thing in final draft and ready to print by mid-June.

When the coronavirus staged crisis came down, the book was at the front of my mind, as this was the most important thing of my 35th year on this earth, and it was very easy to see the way a complete economic collapse and total transformation of society would render this project obsolete. The topics as they were covered in the book simply were not going to be relevant in the new world as it was being created. Much of the book was about the importance of spending a year after high school and before picking a career traveling the world. I went into some detail about how to do this – how to make the money work, where to go, what to do where, etc. This would make up close to 20% of the final copy. Other chapters focused on how to develop five and ten year life plans. None of that is relevant now. I do not even believe that the chapters about sex and family will be relevant in this new future we are facing.

So, I scrapped the project in its entirety. There was part of me that wanted to just keep going and finish it anyway, but I knew that if I did this, it would simply serve to confuse and frustrate whoever read it, and I most certainly do not have the time to finish something requiring this amount of energy for my own personal satisfaction. The realization that this thing that I had put so much of myself into, so much thought, time and care, would never be realized, was crushing. But the real crushing of my soul occurred when I realized that so many millions of people across the entire planet were having their souls similarly crushed, just as I was, as their own work was being destroyed by this abominable hoax.

By the blessings of Jesus Christ, my disposition is not to dwell on soul-crushing catastrophe, and my feelings with regards to this hoax have been sublimated into pure rage over what the people who did this have done to me, what they have done to every single honest and hard-working white man in the world. These people cannot get away with what they’ve done. Someone has to pay for this. All of the people who knowingly lied to the gullible masses about the nature of this virus, who held back the truth about what exactly people were exchanging for their supposed “peace of mind” – which was only a tenuous relief from the poisonous hysteria foisted on them – they cannot get away with it.

Right now, the most important thing for each of us to be doing is to work on getting Donald Trump reelected. At this time, every other mission pales in comparison. When that is finished, however, whichever the final outcome might be, all of my energy is going to go into exposing this virus hoax. This virus hoax has become now not simply a destroyer of lives and livelihoods, but the mechanism through which to destroy our entire civilization. We have many issues. All issues, from this point forward, are couched inside of the issue of this virus hoax, and the forced social transformation that is riding in on it. It is the overarching encapsulator of all of it.

I will not announce it until it is done, but I plan to choose another book to write this year, one that is disaster proof. All of us have to continue on with our existence. We have to figure out how to make our personal lives work in the face of this beast that has been summoned against us. We must navigate it as best we can. We have no choice. As a people, we must do everything in our power to stand against it, and to agitate the masses into a confrontation with it. Any resistance we form against the system will be formed first within the framework of opposition to this virus-based system. If America breaks down, and breaks apart, it will be as a direct result of the things that are happening now, and the choices that we make now are going to determine what our position is a decade or a century from now.

Right now, this is the point of fracture. There is now only us and the Beast. This is where we win or lose. I am planning on winning.