Million MAGA March was a HUGE Success!


The march was an astonishing success. There were at least 100 thousand people there. It was amazing.

Trump didn’t end up showing up, but Nick Fuentes and Alex Jones both delivered bigly. There was also a huge boomer turnout. People from across the country were there, supporting our president and denouncing this ridiculous election hoax.

I will do a full writeup tomorrow, with videos of all the best speeches.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. You did a great job and I hope you got to meet some other great people.

Original article follows.




Today is the big day, when our resistance to the attempt by the media and the Democrat Party to steal our election truly begins.

The people are marching on Washington.

The Alex Jones Machine has already arrived – in a tank.

First things first: anyone going to today’s rally anti-fraud rally in Washington, DC, needs to review our security guide:

Operational Security for Right Wing Rallies

This is a big rally, it’s a boomer rally, it’s got a lot of normal people attached to it, it’s been endorsed by multiple Republican Congressmen and other officials – but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to do a Charlottesville on us.

I just want to promise everyone that if another fat woman has a heart attack, I will not write a hilarious article mocking her death. I’m just joking. I promise that I will do that.

The Jews are threatening violence.

Meanwhile, they’re also trying to shut it down in a way that is obviously totally illegal. They’ve literally hijacked the accounts of organizers and are emailing people and saying it was canceled (but whatever – Ben Shapiro told me a private company is allowed to break the law and take our rights from us because if they don’t we don’t have ideological values).

The Million MAGA March is behind enemy lines, and things couldn’t really be any more volatile than they are right now.

Everyone in attendance needs to remain 100% cognizant of the potential dangers involved, do what they can to avoid these dangers, and manage the dangers responsibly if they run into them.

Now, for the good news: The Real President himself, Donald Trump, has endorsed the rally and said that he might make an appearance.

However, we should note that Twitter denies the truth of this claim. It is possible that Twitter has inside information that he’s not planning on showing up, and he’s just tweeting this to get our hopes up.

Seriously though: Twitter’s claims aside, I do not think he would tweet that if he wasn’t planning on showing up.

Now that we look at things: he might have been in on the planning all along!

This may indeed be his great return to the public eye!

Maybe, he will declare himself Supreme Leader, President for Life and EMPEROR OF AMERICA at this rally, with Alex Jones by his side!




Can you imagine some sniveling Jew on the media saying, “b-b-but you can’t be king! That’s un-American!” and then the people looking at Alex Jones, and him saying, “well I’ll say it is, ya damn Chinese communist!”

Alex Jones is literally the spirit of American patriotism made flesh! When he walks around, bald eagles swoop down to help him with his tasks! If Trump declares himself SUPREME OVERLORD OF AMERICA AND ITS COLONIES in the presence of Alex Jones, no Jew can say anything!

By the way, Alex Jones was on the Tim Pool show while on the road and the pussy Michael Malice tried to shush him – it didn’t go well. He’s a big guy for you.

Understand: that is the energy that Alex is bringing to this event.

The light has shone down upon us.

Do you hear that?

It’s the sound of freedom ringing the bells of these Jews.

Get ready to say hello to the big time.