Today is Nevada Day!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 23, 2016


Here we are again. Just waiting around to win.

In Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, I was all like


But today, going into Nevada, I’m just like

walter white

Seriously, no nerves.

I haven’t even started drinking yet.

We are going to win and we are going to win big. No question.

The only important question is how badly Cruzman will lose. Nevada being much less evangelical, his fetus talk is mostly useless.

ted cruz fetus

Still, somehow he’s polling above Rubio.


But he’s really sank low with the dirty tricks in the last few days, and the media is calling him on it more. Fox News was really hard on him for hoaxing that Rubio insulted the Bible. He released a very weird ad against Trump. He appears to be well past his peak.

Even evangelicals must feel stupid for supporting an obviously unhinged liar at this point.

I think we could well see Cruz come in at 5-7% less than the 20% he’s polling at. I’m almost certain Rubio will come in second.

I’m also secretly hoping Kasich does okay, because Trump may well need to take on one of the other candidates as a VP at the convention in order to get the needed delegates. Even though Kasich made that insane “Death Camp Donald” ad, I’d still prefer him over Rubio and obviously way over Cruz.


As we’ve been doing, we’ve have a live thread.

The new commenting system, for those who haven’t seen it, is actually way better than the old disqus, and can function basically like a chatroom, which makes it great for these live events.

You do have to register to post, but it takes only a second.

We’ll have all the live streams going, rousing chat, shitposting, open bar, dancing girls, etc.

Here’s a bit of inspiration from last night’s rally.

Hail Victory.


Here are a couple of livestreams. The second one, Fox 10, no longer has a chat because their reporters couldn’t resist just reading things out of it randomly.