Today is a Referendum on the Survival of Western Civilization

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 8, 2016

Donald Trump represents the creative force of White Europeans. Hillary Clinton represents the destructive force of the Jew.

The election today in America is by far the most important in any of our lifetimes. The outcome will determine if Western civilization will be salvaged through peaceful means or if it will descend into a chaotic abyss.

Hillary Clinton is a puppet for the same Jewish interests who have subverted Western civilization through their takeover and manipulation of our financial systems. Through their modern debt based usury systems they have bought off our political leaders, gained control over large propaganda operations, pushed for unnecessary never ending wars and flooded our nations with low IQ third world populations. She is also the most corrupt political figure in American history based on what we know about the Clinton Foundation. This is someone who put the State Department up for sale and took bribes in exchange for political favors. If she wins, there is no question that she will do the bidding of Jewish interests in Wall Street, Hollywood and big business.

She will implement policies leading us into a war with Russia while continuing to flood America with an increasing number of third world savages. She has already said that she would model her Presidency after German Chancellor Angela Merkel who has willfully invited an Islamic army of rapists and murderers into Europe. Clinton wants to replicate this horror in America. She even wants to setup a no fly zone in Syria which would effectively put the American military at war with Russia.

Contrast Clinton with Donald Trump a billionaire who can’t be bought off by Jewish financial interests. All of his policy proposals if put into practice would give us a chance to restore Western civilization and move things back in a proper direction. His proposal to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border would effectively slow down the on-going third world invasion. He’s also said that he’d end the stupid Syrian “refugee” program and begin deporting criminal illegal aliens.

Most importantly he wants to end America’s unnecessarily antagonistic foreign policy stance towards Russia. The West has much more in common with Russia than any nation in the Middle East. In a sane world, the United States would be working with Russia to solve geopolitical problems. The only reason this is not happening is because American foreign policy is being directed and formulated for the benefit of Jewish interests. There is nothing the Jews would like to see more than a war between the West and Russia. The Jews hate the fact that Russia represents a nation with a White cultural identity. It is a major reason they have attempted to pit the West against them through their political schemes. They know full well that their frauds and scams can not continue in nations that have a strong White cultural identity.


Western civilization has been the primary creative force on this planet for thousands of years. It is our duty to ensure that it is preserved for the future generations to come.

We are at a tipping point. The greatness of Western civilization has been forever tied to the racial stock of the White Europeans who created it. Anywhere in the world where White Europeans have settled, they have created great societies and civilizations. The on-going racial decline of White European populations brought about through the Jewish promotion of race mixing and mass third world migrations will end Western civilization if it continues.

It is the duty of every American of White European descent to vote for Donald Trump today. He is a symbolic representation of the people who built Western civilization. Hillary Clinton represents the Jewish interests who seek to destroy it.

If Trump wins, there is a good chance Western civilization can be restored to greatness through peace. If Clinton wins, Western civilization will only be restored to its former glory through conflict and war.