To the Noble Ninety-Four – I Salute Thee!

I explained earlier this week that mycomputer has been causing me problems and that in order to do my work at 100% efficiency, I would need to get a new computer, and asked people to help outwiththat.

Thankfully, 94 people answered the call, and I now have way more than enough to buy a computer. The change will go toward continuing to run the site, of course.

I want to thank all of you, and I am sorry that I can’t thank you all individually and shake your hands.

All I can do is just write on this website: thank you.

Know that you are the greatest.

This 94 is only a fraction of a percent of the people who read this site every day. In fact, I don’t know how many people read this site every day, because the way the site is set up to bypass censorship, it’s actually impossible to know. But from what I’m able to see, it is at least 120,000 people. That does not include Tor viewers, who could be another half again, and is at least some number in the tens of thousands.

If we just round it off at 150,000, which is what I usually do in my brain, then that is 0.06% of readers that are willing to support the site.

Of course, no site is going to be supported by 100% of readers. I tend to think that it is about 5% that will support a right-wing site pushing an agenda, and that is about what we were at when I briefly had credit card processing, long ago. So, we’re getting about 1/100th of the support we would be getting if we had access to normal financial tools.

Of course, if we had access to advertisements, it would be much more money. If we had access to social media, we could grow the site, and just keep on getting bigger and bigger, as more money came in.

All of this is to say: the Jews have been unbelievably successful in their campaign of censorship.

I’ve of course given up on ever expanding the site, and I’ve laid off most of the staff, having realized how little support there was. Right now, I’m just trying to get enough money coming in that I can keep the site online.

The Future

If and when Joe Biden wins the election, we’re obviously going to be forced onto the darkweb permanently, but I do vow to continue writing, and to try to figure out more ways to bypass this. I think we will be able to keep the current domain, actually, but the US government is going to begin blocking websites in the way that China does, which will mean that the only way an individual can access us is through Tor, or maybe through a VPN (if you can find a VPN exit node in a country that isn’t censoring the site).

All of you need to get the Tor address, and save it. You need to get used to using it. Just start using it whenever you are on your laptop, or on an Android phone.


It doesn’t really work very well at all on iOS.

But on a computer, you can use Tor Browser:

Download Tor Browser

Or you can use Brave Browser:

Download Brave Browser

And then click on “new private window with Tor.”

Save the site as a bookmark and as a note. If you don’t have it saved, it will be impossible to find once the normal site is blocked.

In honesty, I use Brave Browser as my main browser. It was created by Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript who was fired as the CEO of Firefox for being a Christian (they found out when he donated to a charity that was supporting traditional marriage). So, I 100% recommend installing that and just using it.

However, I also use Tor Browser for Tor, given that it is optimized for that use. It also allows you to save bookmarks and passwords and so on, something that you cannot do in Brave’s Tor experience.

Go now.

Do it, so you know how to do it when you need to do it.

You will not regret it.

Thanks to Everyone Else

I also want to thank those beyond the 94 who donated. I know some of you donate regularly, and maybe didn’t do the extra effort this week, which is of course fine.

Some of you, I hope, are still planning to donate. So thanks in advance for that.

We are in the process of attempting to prepare for the coming crackdown, so we’re ready when it happens. I’m also getting myself setup personally so I’m ready to hunker down and make sure I can just only focus on the site, and that I have the resources to deal with less money coming in.

The computer that I’m going to buy should last me for many, many years, now that I have the money to basically just get the ideal machine without worry, since you lads sent the money for that purpose. I’m also going to put some money into trying to fixthis one I’m typingon now. As far as I’ve been able to find out, the spacebar cannot be replaced, but the problems caused by the drink being spilled on it might be able to be fixed. When I have my new one, I’ll be able to drop this one off at a shop. So if some freak accident happens to my new one, and it’s the apocalypse, I will have a backup. I can plug a cheap USB keyboard in if it comes to that, and I’m also looking to have a replacement keyboard shipped in to Nigeria.

Also, if you didn’t donate and now you feel bad – honestly, you should feel bad, if you read the site, and you agree with it, you have an obligation – then please do so IMMEDIATELY.



Scan this at a Bitcoin ATM or with the app:



Those addresses are always available on the donations page, which there is a link to in the sidebar and at the top of the page.

If you read the site every day, please just start sending a monthly contribution. Do it based on what you think the site is worth. Rich people can send more. But even if you’re broke, you can send something. If you read the site every day, it’s worth something to you.

As far as the future goes – be calm, do not panic, get prepared. Think about the fact that you are going to want to have access to the Daily Stormer to keep you sane, and please, please get Tor.

If we do not survive, we shall dine together in Heaven. The Lord does not forget our struggles.