“To Hurt a Woman is to Insult God,” Pope Francis Says

The Pope is a heretic and he is in the process now of just spewing as many heretical statements as possible.

This is part of his role in socially manipulating Latin America, a Catholic place where men tend to keep their bitches in check (as they are directed to explicitly by the Bible).

New York Post:

Pope Francis called for an end to violence against women on New Year’s Day in a strongly worded homily from St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

How much violence is directed against women! Enough! To hurt a woman is to insult God, who from a woman took on our humanity, not through an angel, not directly, but through a woman,” the Pope said.

“And since mothers bestow life, and women keep the world (together), let us all make greater efforts to promote mothers and to protect women.”

Francis is into the Mother Earth cult, so it isn’t surprising that he’d try to make people think that women are some kind of holy figures beyond corrective beatings. The reality is that women’s feelings mean literally nothing and most women today need to be beaten both to correct their wicked ways and for great justice.

The Bible in fact instructs much worse than mere beatings, including

Mothers don’t bestow life and they don’t keep the world together.

God bestows life, and this world will exist as long as God sees fit, no matter what women do.