Titania Predicted Thith! Twitter Account Can Literally Predict Next Targets on SJW Hitlist

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2019

How absolutely dare you?

This is incredible stuff, really.

The failing NY Times has decided to attack Mary Poppins for being racist.


Does the new Mary Poppins film feature blackface? No, but the NYT has nonetheless argued that the movie somehow borrows from racist 1930s minstrel jokes, the latest outrage-laden interpretation of a children’s classic.

‘Mary Poppins Returns’ is an “enjoyably derivative film,” but the story of the vivacious flying governess has a dark, racist side, the New York Times opined. The Gray Lady – known throughout the world for reporting “all the news that’s fit to print”— explained itself thusly: In the 1964 film, Poppins accompanies her young charges, Michael and Jane Banks, up their chimney, resulting in her face getting covered in soot. Instead of cleaning her face, however, the magical nanny powders her nose and cheeks to make them even blacker, then launches into a song and dance routine with Dick Van Dyke.

But get this.

It was all of it forseen! 

Yes, it’s a parody account. At least it was. Now it’s an SJW-Nostradamus account. 

Liberals really are NPCs.

That means if you know the code, you can predict what they’ll get outraged at next.

In fact, Titania really isn’t all THAT when you think about it.

Besides, we can’t rule out the fact that a journalist might have been scrolling through Twitter and stumbled across her account. Unable to differentiate satire – because NPCs can’t into satire and don’t let them ever fool you into thinking they can – this journalist filed this story away for later and then brought it up when sufficient time had passed so no one could tell he was uncreative.

Yeah, now that I think about it, I rate her totallynotimpressed/10.

And no, I’m not lashing out in jealousy.

But I can make predictions too, you know. 

Let’s see here. They’ve called out Pippi Longstocking on her racism. And Sweden started a mass book-burning because of it.

And now Mary Poppins…

So, let’s see if we can find a trend here.

It has to be somewhat old and it has to be somewhat famous otherwise no one would care enough to be outraged… yes… that seems to be the criteria here…




I got it.

Winnie the Pooh. 

Oh, wait.

Reddit is already hot on the scent. 


Beat me to it.

Back to the drawing board.


You know, I think that if I combine Pippi Longstocking with Mary Poppins, I get Anne of Green Gables.

So let’s go with that.

I predict that Anne is next on the chopping block.

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