Tips to Be Victorious in Verbal Combat

Daily Stormer
June 22, 2015

In this video, Angelo John Gage shows us how he uses NLP techniques (strategic questioning) to take apart an opponent’s fallacious arguments by not allowing them to use redefined terms to control the narrative.

Notice the entire struggle for the hearts and minds of our people comes down to which side has the best talking points that cannot be refuted. Unfortunately for the anti-white Marxists, our side cannot be refuted at all, so they resort to name-calling, lying, suppressing information, and redefining language; all of which are used to manipulate the emotions of the masses. This is where forcing our enemies to define their terms come in. The human mind cannot stand contradiction, so it will react to it on an emotional level. Nobody likes a hypocrite and it is our job to show the world how hypocritical these anti-white Marxists and Jews really are. By exposing their fallacious arguments and attempts to redefine reality as we know it, people will start to react emotionally and will reject their ideologies completely.

Strategic questioning is a technique that you use against an opponent by asking them specific questions, set like traps, that are designed to lead them to the conclusion that is correct by forcing them to expose holes in their reasoning and language to themselves. (Pay attention, Gage demonstrates a few examples in the video). Most skillful debaters do this naturally without knowing, but it is more effective when you consciously practice this technique so you can develop many strategic questions that will totally obliterate any opponent.

You can continuously improve your debating skills by constantly analyzing the enemies arguments and thinking up new ways to break them down. Once you have figured out how to do so, you can deploy your new “verbal technology” into the battlefield and destroy your opponent’s arguments. Sharing your newly founded techniques, terms, and strategic questions with other pro-whites helps us become more effective at winning the hearts and minds of our people by destroying the Marxist matrix of lies. It is imperative that you share any new and effective ways of taking down the enemy’s arguments. Folks, don’t think this is a game, this is a war for the hearts and minds of our people and everyone you argue against is a potential convert to our cause, unless its a Jew.

The most powerful way to convert someone to your line of thinking (aka the truth in our case) is to allow them to believe that they came to the desired conclusion on their own. This is not deception, but rather, winning an argument by “showing them” that they have faulty reasoning or have been holding two contradictory beliefs at the same time without realizing it. Think of this as freeing people who are under a spell and the only way to break the spell is by using the right questions to shatter its hold on them.

If done correctly, your opponent will believe that they actually came to the desired conclusion on their own, even though you basically guided them to that conclusion. The fact they answered your questions with their own thought process, is more powerful than you telling them they are wrong and that they should believe you because you said so.