Tip of the Iceberg: Volkswagen to Lay Off 23,000 Workers in Germany

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 21, 2016


I know of someone who wouldn’t have let this happen.

A new capitalist global crisis is right over the horizon as record high numbers of non-whites are air-lifted by our governments to compete for the rapidly dwindling number of decent jobs left in the West.

These seed of incoming catastrophe is already beginning to sprout in “invincible” Germany, even as the collection of ‘Baghdad Bobs’ on all the Business TV shows pretend it’s all going to be alright. But grumbling tummies are not far off unless there is a radical state intervention against the neo-liberal economic practices of the West.

Just last year, Volkswagen’s bosses were going around making the claim that Germany needed the millions of Arab and African rapists being transplanted into the country because they didn’t have enough workers. Cuckenomic/Libertarian think-tanks like the Cato Institute, among countless others, have been trading in the lie that Western countries are suffering from an eternal labor shortage across all sectors all the time.

But both Volkswagen and Cato were, are, and will continue to be lying.

New York Times:

Volkswagen has broken a longstanding taboo on job cuts, conceding on Friday that it needs to become more profitable to survive what could be a major shift toward electric cars.

But the cuts outlined on Friday were probably not deep enough to close a chronic productivity gap with Toyota and other rivals.

As it seeks to recover from an emissions cheating scandal, Volkswagen said it would cut about 30,000 jobs worldwide, including 23,000 in Germany, as part of a deal with its powerful labor representatives to improve low profitability at its largest unit.

Volkswagen is trying to reduce the cost of manufacturing cars that carry the VW badge, many of which are made in Germany by a work force that effectively controls the company and has resisted job cuts. The plan would lead to savings of $3.9 billion a year, Volkswagen said on Friday.

The company described the plan as the most radical in its history. Herbert Diess, the Volkswagen executive in charge of VW brand cars, said the company needed to brace itself for drastic changes as the automobile industry shifted to electric vehicles.

“Volkswagen is far behind competitors,” Mr. Diess said at a news conference in Wolfsburg, Germany, where the carmaker is based. “Volkswagen has to quickly earn more money and arm itself for the change ahead.”

But the job cuts are relatively modest. [!]

The reductions will be phased in through 2020 using early retirement and other voluntary measures. Volkswagen agreed not to make any forced layoffs until at least 2025.

The motive of non-Jew elites to go along with the racial extinction program in Germany relies on the proven theory that multi-cultural societies are less civically engaged, and thus the likelihood of unionization and collective worker pushback against abuses is reduced.

As early as 1871, (((Karl Marx))) – the theorist in whose name many modern leftist groups push multiculturalism – himself observed immigration as a tactic to break strikes and dissipate the cohesion of the working class. Today, the gains of the German working man, some of which are leftovers from the German revolution of 1933, are being undone through the mass migration just like their unique ethnic make up and culture is.


Here is a quote from a New York World interview with Marx on the subject:

To give an example, one of the commonest forms of the movement for emancipation is that of strikes. Formerly, when a strike took place in one country it was defeated by the importation of workmen from another. The International has nearly stopped all that. It receives information of the intended strike , it spreads that information among its members, who at once see that for them the seat of the struggle must be forbidden ground. The masters are thus left alone to reckon with their men. In most cases the men require no other aid than that. Their own subscriptions or those of the societies to which they are more immediately affiliated supply them with funds, but should the pressure upon them become too heavy and the strike be one of which the Association approves, their necessities are supplied out of the common purse. By these means a strike of the cigar makers of Barcelona was brought to a victorious issue the other day.

The Judeo-Left/Post-Modern Left’s push for “instant radicalism” has meant that they enable the bottom line of companies like Volkswagen by being alone up in babel’s tower pushing for open borders with the CEOs of multi-nationals. Virtually every contemporary communist organization in Western countries has abandoned native workers for immigrants, by appealing to their racial identities or poisoning them against “racist privileged whites,” then turn around and feign feelings of being affronted when we white workers tell them to go to hell.

The jig is up. In spite of perpetual bombardment of fiction from the mass media, even Hillary Clinton was forced to begrudgingly admit that immigration hurts native workers.

Outsourcing industry helps the fat cats and Jews because its cheaper than domestic production. But you know what’s even cheaper for the capitalist? Insourcing brown people to do your job for half the price.


Yet, the cities with the most illegal immigrants per capita in the United States, from LA to NYC, just so happen to have the most expensive living standards and services with the highest number of people drawing government benefits.

Our economies, from Germany to the USA, are hanging by a thread, but as we grow more and more accustomed to the reduced living standards that are becoming the new normal, we might not even notice the inevitable coming crash.