Tiny German Village Gets ‘Diversity’ Overdose

Modern Heretic
October 17, 2015

“Please remember we exist, criminal government.”

Every last White must be hunted down, surrounded by worthless alien sewage and then destroyed. This, the final end game of the “diversity” con game, is no longer disguised in any way. The jew dream of the tan everyman, the talmud-promised slave with no race, culture, mind or soul, the human cattle to be ruled over by our satanic enemy, is now openly promoted.

Tiny Germany must absorb an invading foreign army while pretending that it’s impossible to predict the total disaster that will follow. White Genocide, the destruction of our race, in the name of doing the “right thing,” in the name of kosher nihilism. Our enemies are pure evil. If you fight the jew you fight the devil.

Here’s your share of the “women and children” fleeing “war.” Enjoy.


A German mayor was perplexed Tuesday as to why his small town of approximately 100 people was livid over the arrival of 1,000 Syrian migrants.

The emaciated, shaking and nearly dead “multi-culturalism” addict jams a syringe full of black tar diversity right into the carotid. The death of the West, the final assault on White homelands, it sure is “perplexing.” It’s almost like there’s some sort of agenda at work here, but no, can’t be. I’m sure we’ll turn 1,000 fighting age men with four different names between them into good little Germans. It sounds like some of these Germans aren’t happy. Must be “racism” and “xenophobia” because we all know that this peaceful disaster is deeply “enriching.”

Locals from the rural town wanted to discuss the fallout from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s embrace of migrants fleeing Syria’s civil war and the Islamic State group.

Don’t forget that they’re all women and children and here for a better life and will get jobs and assimilate right away and all the other lies. “Fallout” is right, after the hydrogen bomb of “immigration” detonates. Ironically a real nuclear attack would cause far less lasting damage.

“I did not expect so many interested residents,” Mayor Christian Fabel said, Breitbart London reported Wednesday.

It’s only a massive brown invasion that’s going to destroy our way of life, I don’t see why anyone would care.

Locals wanted to know how it was logistically possible to handle the needs of incoming migrants, including waste disposal and medical emergencies.

Our nation is being murdered by criminal sociopaths in power, so let’s talk logistics. How will we be gelded? Will there be a formal system of turning over our women to the rape gangs? Will there be enough eunuchs to pass out the towels? Should we keep looking at the wall? Is this ball gag really necessary?

Resident Dirk Hammer said 1,000 was “too many.”

Yeah. No shit.

“How do we protect ourselves against crime?” asked one resident.

Well, I’m sure you’ll figure out something. Maybe pathetic appeasement and screaming “I’m not ‘races!'” while they cut your throat.

The mayor said “street lights” would be on at night and new policemen would be hired, the German newspaper Der Spiegel reported Thursday.

Don’t worry everyone, street lights should keep you safe now that you’re outnumbered ten to one by an invading army of jihad that wants to saw off your head and rape your women.

Fabel did eventually acknowledge stresses would be put on the town, but maintained 200-300 migrants would have been “appropriate.”

We were thinking we’d just shoot ourselves in the stomach and slowly bleed out, not put the moe-ham-head shotgun right in our mouth and start sucking it.

Roughly 450,000 migrants have arrived in Germany this year. Officials expect 800,000 to arrive by 2016.

R.I.P. Germany.

We’re not “races!” Our nation is doomed, but at least a jew won’t call me names.