Tinder to Destroy Their Own Business by Putting Thots in Charge of Dating

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2017

Put women in charge of the dating game? What could possibly go wrong?

A lesson all men learn sooner or later is that if they want to get laid, they have to take the initiative. Not only that, but they’ll probably have to fully take charge of every step of the process.

You’ll have to approach the girl, direct the flirting process, ask her number, call and set up the date, decide what you’ll do, drag her along, take her back to your place, and so on.

This is because women are passive, and have absolutely no agency of their own. If you wait for women to “make the first move,” (or any move after the first one, for that matter) you’ll remain single your entire life.

This is why the entire online dating process follows the same rules: women set up cute little “profiles” and passively wait for men to message them and convince them to go on a date.

This slut could ask any random guy to bang her, but instead she’s making a stupid Tinder profile, waiting for a guy to do the work.

Considering all this, Tinder’s new move is patently absurd.

Market Watch:

Tinder plans to give women more power in its online-dating app by adding a setting similar to a key feature for younger rival Bumble.

The more “power” you give women in any dating scenario, the less actual hooking up is going to be happening. This is an obvious fact.

Tinder will let female users choose whether they want to initiate all conversations with future matches, as Bumble does, Match Group Inc. MTCH, +5.83% Chief Executive Mandy Ginsberg told MarketWatch in an interview Tuesday. Tinder users of either gender can make the first move now, but a future update—Tinder did not provide a targeted launch date—will let women choose to receive messages only from men they choose.

This is doubly stupid considering that women aren’t even self-aware enough to know that if they have the sole responsibility to initiate the flirting process, they’ll probably never actually do it. So it’s quite likely that many girls will actually select that option even though what they really want is for men to do all the work.

“Wow, what a hunk. I’m too shy to contact him though. Tee hee!”

“Often, women don’t really want the pressure of kicking off the conversation, but if they want it, that’s great,” said Ginsberg, who took over the top role last month at Match Group. “Giving people the choice versus telling people how to engage is the big difference.”

The women-talk-first setting is the cornerstone of Bumble’s dating app, which also has other features meant to give women more control over the online-dating experience. Bumble was launched by Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe Herd, who left the company and sued for sexual harassment and discrimination, reportedly receiving a $1 million settlement.

Online dating sites and apps are pretty much already just an ego-boosting system for thots. By default, they just join to get gratification from men “liking” their profile and complimenting them in chat.

But with these changes, the possibility for men to actually get dates and sex will drop from “low” to “damn near impossible.”

After all, women are attracted to higher status, confidence and assertiveness. By preventing men from taking that initiative, the service itself docks all the men’s attractiveness significantly.

The very concept of online dating is somewhat emasculating, as it vaguely implies you’re not brave enough to pick up chicks in real life, or you don’t have enough friends to date from your social circle. So it already requires you to compensate for that initial instinctive impression.

But these new services putting “women in charge” make this even worse, putting men in a submissive position by default. It’s not even worth trying to play that game.

Pro tip: learn to make moves on women in real life, in the day time, in a bold way. That is the only real option at this point, unless you’re a GQ model that all the Tinder sluts want. 

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