Time to Face Facts: The Upcoming Generation of Trannies Will be More Attractive Than Women


All men need to prepare themselves for something: the upcoming generation of trannies is going to be more attractive than women. You need to prepare your mind for this fact, because otherwise you might end up killing a tranny.

Most men think of trannies as men in dresses. This is of course what they are, and what they will always be. However, what has happened over the last few years is that prepubescent boys have been shot with puberty blockers and then with estrogen. What this means is that hormonally, these male children are becoming adult females. They are having a female puberty.

The process of puberty is driven entirely by hormones, and virtually all sex signifiers are developed in puberty. If you look at a male and female child of the same age, you can usually only tell them apart by their hair and clothes, and maybe their mannerisms – but their bodies are the same. The only difference you might notice is that boys are a little bit bigger.

The upcoming trannies will develop bone and cartilage structure, muscle mass, fat distribution (including breasts) that will be the same as a woman’s. Also, because they will maintain male brains, they will be smarter than women, and thus actually better at being women than women.

There is not going to be a way to tell these new trannies from real women, except that they will likely be better looking. Because they have male brains, they will understand dieting, and stay slim, unlike women, who turn into disgusting blobs because they lack the ability to restrain themselves. The new trannies will also actually be more feminine as well, because their hormones will be regulated, whereas women take birth control pills that make them masculine by tricking their bodies into producing extra testosterone.

The point is: you are going to be attracted to trannies. They are going to be exactly like women. If you see a painting of an attractive woman, you may feel sexual impulse, even though it is not really a woman, it is an image of a woman. That is what the trannies are going to be soon: accurate depictions of women. There actually are many like that already, but I’m not going to post the photos. You’ve probably seen the photos. If you haven’t, you will soon.

The first time you get sexual feelings towards a tranny, you will become angry and want to kill the tranny. However, that will not help anything, so you should not kill the tranny.

The number one thing you’re going to need to realize is that you won’t be able to just “hook up” with women from Tinder or the bar or whatever the kids are doing these days. If you do that, you could very easily end up with a man – and that’s when you have a really high chance of killing that homosexual.

This still happens in Southeast Asia, which is the previous tranny capital of the world. Everyone knows that there are trannies there (and you can learn to spot them as they have never injected children with hormones), but white men still often get seduced by a tranny and end up beating him up. An American soldier killed a tranny in the Philippines in 2015. President Rody Duterte ended up pardoning him, because he understood it was a mix-up.

Please note:¬†there are now more trannies in America than in Southeast Asia, and most of them are young. There are massive numbers of trannies in America – they are pumping them out. In the public education system at this point for pre-pubescents, every lesson is basically “Ten More Reasons You Should Become a Tranny.” This is not an exaggeration and it’s getting worse. I suspect the situation is similar in the rest of the Anglosphere.

In 2018, a University of Minnesota study said that 3% of high schoolers are trannies, compared to 0.7% of adults. In 2019, the CDC said it was just 2% of teens. You can’t find real studies however on the number of pre-teens in any year, which is going to be much higher, as younger children do not have a sexual identity yet, and the government schools are literally incentivizing this tranny transformation. I think from reports I’ve seen, after the last five years of this tranny indoctrination program, it must be at least 5% and maybe as high as 10% of school children that are now trannies. Most of them will be in the cities, of course, so the concentration in these areas could be 15-20%.

You also need to consider that about 50% of young women are obese, and pretty much out of the game, just having sex with blacks and other lowlifes. The trannies will have a very low rate of obesity, probably close to nothing. This means that by roughly 2023, if you meet a young attractive female, there’s going to be at least a 20% chance it is a tranny.

Think ahead. Get ready for the TRANSformation of America.

No one is going to benefit from you killing a tranny. I want to say “if you wait long enough, he will eventually do the job himself anyway” – but I don’t know if these current suicide rates will remain. I think a lot of that comes from cutting their dicks off and realizing what they’ve done – but the dick-cutting seems to be dropping. They’re not pushing it as hard. Trannies are realizing that homos have been using the anus as a sex organ for thousands of years, and that the penis shrinks very small when taking estrogen anyway. Plus, the media and government seem to be encouraging it less because of so many suicides. What’s more: it probably is true what they are arguing, i.e., if people don’t know they’re trannies, and they have the total hormone set of a woman, it will lower suicide rates.

The best thing you can do is get out of the city. There is nothing left for you there. Even if you liked the “hookup” culture, that is no longer possible. You will get trapped. The “reasons to be in the city” list is now dropping to zero.

The plan here is for all white women to go full beast mode, being larger than life and having sex with the blacks. Meanwhile, white men will be expected to have sex with trannies. The longer term agenda is even worse than that.

The good news here is that trannies being so much more attractive than real women might make women up their game. You can ask any woman you know: women do not like it when other women lose weight. (Seriously, if you don’t know, ask one.) Women cooperate with each other against men, like as a union, and a woman who stays skinny is seen as like a scab worker. Trannies will not follow these rules. Even though they look exactly like women, the testosterone that formed the basic shape of their brains will mean they will never sync with women’s hive minds.

So maybe women will slim down some. That would be some consolation.