Time for Stephen King’s Plan? Black Murders Old Asian Woman in the Middle of Times Square

Another black murder that will go unreported. It’s time to implement the King Plan.

It’s time to implement the Stephen King plan, hardcore.

We need equal coverage of black crime, and we need it now.

These whites are out of control hogging up all the news time, and we need coverage of things like this old Asian woman being slaughtered, randomly, by the blacks.

New York Post:

The New Jersey cancer nurse who was knocked down by a deranged homeless mugger in Times Square died Saturday evening after clinging to life for a day and a half.

“They just pulled the plug on her. she’s gone,” Maria Ambrocio’s brother Carlito texted The Post at 8:28 p.m.

Ambrocio, 58, was walking through Times Square around 1:30 p.m. Friday with friends after accompanying a pal to the Philippines Consulate in Midtown and having lunch before heading home, friends and family said.

It was the same time that cops say Jermaine Foster allegedly went on a crime spree, grabbing a cell phone out of a 29-year-old woman’s hands at West 41st Street and Broadway and then slamming into Ambrocio as he fled. She was rushed to Bellevue with head trauma.

Emilia Cruz, 70, a nurse who worked at Bayonne Medical Center with Ambrocio, said she was walking alongside her as Foster knocked her down.

“There were lots of people and we were trying to maneuver,” Cruz told The Post, adding she saw the suspect being chased.

“I heard a big thump like something hit the concrete and, you know, it was loud so I said ‘Wow, oh My God.  What’s that?’ and I looked down and I saw her blouse, I didn’t see the face and I said, ‘Oh my God, Ning,’ I call her Ning,” Cruz said.

“I said ‘Ning, what happened? Wake up,’ and she was out. She was already unconscious. She is not answering me. I keep picking her up. She was frothing from her mouth. And I said, ‘Call 911.’”

Ambrocio’s cousin said she hadn’t seen Ambrocio for nearly two years because of the pandemic and the family was hoping for a happy reunion for the upcoming holidays.

“This is the first time we are seeing her since COVID and this is how we see her? It’s overwhelmingly sad,” she said.

The King Plan states that every time a black person murders someone, it should receive as much media coverage – if not much more – than when a white person murders someone.

It’s a little thing called “equity,” and it’s high time we had it enforced – by law.

That’s why I’m endorsing “King’s Law,” which says that all black crime must get at least as much airtime as white crime.

It’s time that the world learn what these ni— what these oppressed colored people are up to.

We need equality of the races, and that states with equal coverage of crimes committed.

Novelist Stephen King has demanded that crimes committed by blacks get at least as much news coverage as crimes committed by whites.