TIME Calls Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (Two Separate People) “Person of the Year”

I know you were dying to know who made TIME Magazine’s “Man of the Year” this year, because TIME Magazine is a very relevant cultural institution, a magazine that many men buy on the newsstand each week on their way home from a hard day’s work at the office. These men put their feet up on the stool in their smoking room, light up a cigar, and read the informative pages, as their merry wife cooks them a roast and their healthy white children scurry about by the fireplace.

That’s America for you. Land of dreams.

Bizarrely, this year it is two separate people: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

It’s unclear why it wouldn’t just matter of factly be “Joe Biden,” without his accomplice, given that he is, according to TIME Magazine and the rest of the Jewish media, the single most popular person who ever lived on earth. He got 81 million votes.

This man is a titan of history and a behemoth of legend.

What does he need to have this woman attached onto him for? The office of vice president is completely irrelevant anyway, unless you’re Dick Cheney.

Is there some message they are sending us by referring to this duo as a single unit?

Is it like Master-Blaster from the Thunderdome?

If so, which one is Master and which one is Blaster?

Liberals are whining that TIME didn’t choose the sickening health worker scum that hoaxed the virus.

They even made their own fake cover they’re spamming on Twitter.

I’m shocked and confused that liberals would be against having Biden on the cover, given in fact that he is the single most popular person who ever lived on earth in all of human history.

I did a little bit of research (i.e., scanned the Wikipedia page) and found that this is indeed the first time they’ve featured two people as a dual “person.”

To be fair, they have played fast and loose with the term “Man” (and from 1999 onward the more politically correct “person”). The first annual Man of the Year issue was published in 1927, featuring Charles Lindbergh; however, by 1950, they’d decided to go for a generalized form of a “man,” giving the cover to “The American Fighting Man” to honor American soldiers fighting in Korea.

Although the default has been to choose a “great man,” in 1956, they chose “The Hungarian freedom fighter,” and in 1969, “The Middle American.”

In 2016, they chose “You,” referring to YouTube personalities and others who create internet content. The cover read: “Yes, you. You control the information age. Welcome to your world.”

Obviously, that hasn’t aged well.

I actually like the original concept of the Man of the Year, which was based on the “Great Men” Theory of History, which is that history is shaped by great men. The goal is to choose the most consequential figure of the year. It is not intended to be a popularity contest, or political propaganda. But of course, the editorship changes hands.

Last year, Greta Thunberg won the cover, and as I said at the time, I think that was a good call.

Making it Joe Biden, let alone “Joe and His Colorful Female Sidekick,” is actually just gross and obviously wrong.

This year, my shortlist would have been:

  • Anthony Fauci
  • Jeff Zucker
  • Xi Jinping
  • Tucker Carlson
  • William Barr

Fauci was without question the face of 2020, Zucker shaped the entire narrative of our society, Xi is the person who has framed the entire geopolitical paradigm by refusing to bow to Western pressure, and Carlson is singularly responsible for preventing an all-out uprising against this election fraud.

Ultimately, I would have without hesitancy chosen William Barr.

He is the single reason that every consequential event of 2020 happened:

  • He is responsible for the entire Jeffrey Epstein episode
  • He is responsible for allowing the unconstitutional coronavirus lockdowns
  • He is responsible for allowing the Black Lives Matter Marxist uprising, and
  • He is the person responsible for Joe Biden ostensibly winning the 2020 presidential election

William Barr is arguably the most consequential individual of the last century. It is difficult to imagine that any man, including even Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin, singlehandedly changed history to the extent that he has.

If we were breaking it down in hard terms, I ultimately would say that Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong were more consequential, given that Barr is simply acting as an agent of a much larger agenda, whereas those three figures acted very much on their own will. But the efficiency with which Barr has acted on an agenda is truly staggering.

It remains amazing to me that I remain the single person sitting here saying this. History will say it. There is a prideful part of me that hopes that history will also note that I was the only one saying it while it was happening. But I’m doing my best to get over that.

I’ve never done this before, but I’m going to go ahead and call 2021’s Man of the Year:

We’re not going down without a fight.