Tim Scott Says He’s Working with Republicans and George Floyd’s Family to Destroy the Police

DMX once famously asked “where my dawgs at?”

Well, for black Senator Tim Scott, the answer is clear: his dawgs are in the GOP, and he says that many of this “ruff ryders” are ready to support his plan to abolish the police.

Scott recently gave the rebuttal to Joe Biden’s speech in Congress, announcing that he wants to crack down on the cops and allow blacks to commit crimes without being punished. This agenda is very unpopular with Republican voters, but Scott believes that he can force it on them by accusing them of being racists.

Scott claims that the police are hunting him and trying to destroy him because they hate his skin.

Last week, Scott appeared on with Sean Hannity to claim that Democrats are the real cop-lovers, and that the GOP is the standard bearer of the legacy of George Floyd.

On Sunday, Scott appeared on Face the Nation and elaborated on his agenda, claiming that whites in the GOP are saying they will do whatever he says to avoid him calling them racists.

“Significant numbers in my party have already said to me, ‘We will go where you go on this issue,’ as long as I can explain my position,” Scott said. “And we’re going to do that.”

Scott said that he is really happy about the Democrats helping him stop the police. He said he wants black people to be able to sue entire police departments. He is working with George Floyd’s family directly to try and wipe out the police.

“The real question is, how do we change the culture of policing? I think we do that by making the employer responsible for the actions of the employee,” Scott said. “And frankly, as I spoke with the family members on Thursday, they were very receptive to that proposal because what they’re looking for is something that shows progress. I think that does it.”

Republican voters were afraid to say anything about Tim Scott’s radical agenda to rid America of the police. They also didn’t have comment on the GOP support for sending Derek Chauvin to prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

However, many did note that Scott has impressively white teeth.