Tillerson to Meet with Lavrov in Moscow on April 11-12

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 5, 2017

Well, hopefully they’ll solve some of these problems we’re facing here.

I’m getting pretty fed-up with all of this noise, this pro-NATO nonsense, this Kushner, this Nimrata Randhawa and her Syria threats, this pointless North Korea posturing…

I’m getting fed-up with a lot of things today.


The US secretary of state will visit Moscow on April 11-12 for talks with Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said.

“On April 11-12, US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, will arrive in Moscow on a working trip. It’s his first visit to our country as the head of the foreign policy department in the [President] Donald Trump administration,” the ministry said in statement.

The US State Department has confirmed Tillerson’s Moscow trip, saying that the issues of bilateral relations, Syria, Ukraine, North Korea and the fight against terrorism will be discussed in the Russian capital.

It’s not clear yet if Tillerson will also meet Russian President Vladimir Putin during his Moscow visit.

“Tillerson is a guest of our foreign minister. He’s coming to see Lavrov and then we can go from there,” Yury Ushakov, Russian presidential aide, said when addressed on the issue.

However, Ushakov stressed that it’s not uncommon for the Russian president to meet the visiting heads of foreign departments.

Lavrov and Tillerson held their first meeting at a G20 summit in Bonn, Germany, on February 16.

US Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Democrat Jeanne Shaheen have urged Tillerson to meet not only with Kremlin officials, but also the opposition during his Moscow stay.

We feel strongly that democratically-minded Russians should know that the US supports their aspirations, and as our nation’s top diplomat, you are in a unique position to communicate this message,” Rubio and Shaheen, who sit on the subcommittee overseeing the State Department budget, said in letter.

Jesus Christ.

Have mercy on our souls.

Meet with the terrorists in Russia, but don’t meet with Assad.

The US – as represented by a woman and a wetback – supports their terrorist plan to overthrow the Russian government.

This is outrageous.

These people are all TRAITORS!

Marco Rubio is a homosexual, bought and paid for by the filthy Jews. He is unhinged. This greasy wetback met with Jonathan Greenblatt AFTER the prank calls were exposed as a Jewish hoax and said they were crisis. Now he wants the US to endorse terrorism against the Russian government.

The fact that his sort of insanity is even part of the dialogue shows once again the need to simply shut down the Congress completely.