Tijuana: Mob Throws Punches, Stones and Coffee to Caravan, Wants to Rip Their Shelter Apart

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
November 21, 2018

“Pure Tijuana Motherfuckers.”

As I mentioned previously, the mud wars are coming. Someone should think about how to televise this. Camera drones or something.

Daily Beast:

Hundreds of people fleeing violence from Central America were hit with punches, stones, and coffee. Far from being the danger, police are protecting them from what’s outside.

That’s right, cabrones. The locals will keep Tijuana’s la raza very pure.

Anyone knows what % of purity the above is?

“There is no food, no toilet paper, no water, no blankets. We’ve had to go out in the street and rely on good samaritans for help.” — Gladys Cardoza, from Honduras

Hey Gladys Cardoza from Honduras, you know what has those things? Hotels. So why don’t you go to one?

Oh, that’s right. You assumed The Gibs would provide and didn’t bring any money.

Clearly, you’re the best human resources Honduras has to offer to the world.

In response to the disorder, the city converted a municipal sports complex near downtown to an emergency shelter where the migrants could gather together at one location. For days police have blocked all road access to the shelter and maintained a 24-hour security detail in the area. Migrants say it hasn’t stopped the violent attacks against them.

Police protecting invaders from the locals. Next-level inversion of purpose.

What’s next, our governments working for the Jews?

Migrants say that opponents of the caravan harassed and threatened them into early Saturday morning. At around 1 a.m. migrants say a group of assailants threatened them from the fence of a baseball park inside the sports complex where the migrants were camped for the night. There were small children sleeping in the area. No city official confirmed the account, though migrants said police intervened and prevented the alleged assailants from throwing rocks.

Reyes, the farm laborer from Honduras, says it feels as though the entire city is against them.

We don’t feel safe in here,” Reyes said through the bars in the fence. “It seems like they want to provoke a confrontation, and there are many women and children in here.”

We didn’t sleep all night because we were scared they’d come back,” said Karen Antunes, a Honduran woman who is staying at the shelter in Tijuana with her 11-year-old son.

She compared the feeling inside the complex to “un asedio,” (“a siege”).

Next-level inversion of meaning. Locals protecting their land from invaders is now called a siege.

Kinda like how accepting creatures that weaken your economy and make your people poorer overall is called enrichment.

Just a mudmanoid enriching your country.

On Sunday, anti-caravan protesters clashed with riot police near the shelter, vowing to “sacar los migrantes de allí” (“get the migrants out of there”). Migrants at the shelter were kept on lockdown for hours while protesters overturned concrete barriers put in place for crowd control and threw plastic bottles and trash at a helmeted line of police with riot shields.

Protesters decried the migrants as “invaders” and “ingrates.” Behind the police lines, migrants were restricted from leaving the shelter. Dozens of them huddled inside a fence.

“Invasion disguised as immigration. I respect your human rights, you respect my country’s sovereignty.”

“Invaders Out!!”

There’s more caravans coming, which will make Tijuana’s locals angrier and angrier.

As long as they’re not passing through to the United States and they start killing each other, we’re in for some entertainment.

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