Ticking Timebomb: Moldova’s Russian Majority Area Wants Reunification with Russia

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

March 21, 2014

Moldova is a lovely place.

Remember, I told you Moldova was going to be next.

Specifically, I said:

Meanwhile, we are counting down for Moldova to explode.  It is a much smaller country, of course – less than ten percent of the size of the Ukraine – but it’s a powder-keg.  The ethnic conflict between the Romanian and Russian population is just as intense, and will be just as easy to set off.  And, as it is Putin’s duty to defend the Russian people, he will be just as obliged to intervene.  Though Russia does not share a border with Moldova, making the whole thing much more complicated.  What I am guessing – assuming, really – is that there are already trained revolutionaries in place in Chisinau, ready to light the place up when things get hot in the Ukraine.  Transnistria is an autonomous Russian-majority region in Moldova, equivalent to Crimea in the Ukraine.

And now this.

The Blaze:

The Trans-Dniester region in Moldova is trying to break off and join Russia, the latest development in a series of events that have left Western leaders scrambling to respond.

The request from Russian loyalists in the Trans-Dniester region, which is recognized by the United Nations as part of Moldova and not an independent state, comes just one day after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty to absorb Crimea.

Moldova’s President Nicolae Timofti responded to the request by warning that any attempt by the area to break off and join Russia would be a “mistake.”

“This is an illegal body which has taken no decision on inclusion into Russia,” Timofti said, according to Reuters. “If Russia makes a move to satisfy such proposals, it will be making a mistake.”

The request for Russia’s parliament to draft legislation allowing the non-recognized republic to join the Russia Federation was drafted by speaker of the high council, Mikheil Burla, and sent to the Duma, Russia’s lower house, CNBC reported.

We’ll definitely have to keep an eye on this.  I think the Jews could stage a Maidan-style revolution in Moldova very soon.