Tick-Tock: Third Corruption Case Opened Against Bibi

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2018

Bibi is quickly approaching the end of the line.

The Guardian:

Israeli police were questioning Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife on Friday as part of an investigation into a corruption case involving the country’s telecom giant, casting a shadow on the prime minister’s trip to Washington next week.

Channel 10 TV showed footage of police entering Netanyahu’s residence. Reports said Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, was being questioned at another location.

Two Netanyahu confidants were arrested last month on suspicion of promoting regulation worth hundreds of millions of dollars to the Bezeq telecom company. In return, Bezeq’s news site, Walla, allegedly provided positive Netanyahu coverage.

It is the first time that Netanyahu, who as prime minister also held the communications portfolio until last year, is being questioned over the affair, known as Case 4,000.

Polls show that though he is not under obligation to resign, half of Jews want him out.


Netanyahu is under no strict legal obligation to quit following the police recommendations. Indeed, he has given every indication that he intends to remain in office while pursuing a legal battle.

There has been little public pressure from coalition partners for him to step down, although that could change as fellow politicians and the Israeli public study details of the cases.

There was speculation before the police recommendations were made public that Netanyahu might call early elections, seeking a public mandate that would make a prosecutor think twice before moving against him.

However, Netanyahu said in a televised address that he was“certain” the next elections would be held on schedule. They are not due until November 2019. Recent polls show on the one hand that about half of Israelis believe the police over Netanyahu and think he should step down. On the other hand, surveys also show strong support among Netanyahu’s core base, putting Likud ahead of all the other parties.

He’s gonna have to go.

This new case shows that they’re just going to keep coming – dude is super-corrupt.

Which is kinda funny, because he’s arguably the single most powerful individual on the planet other than Vladimir Putin. I could understand corruption on the level of like, having journalists whacked or opposition party members killed or whatever else. But though there is one journalist scandal involving manipulation of the media, most of these scandals are related to money-based corruption. I can’t even process that, as a (white) man. I am able to understand a drive for power and influence, but when you have that, why would you risk it over… money?

I guess the answer is simply “because he’s Jewish.”