Thwarted: Marjorie Taylor Greene Apology Denied by the Jews!

The American Jewish Congress, America’s top Jew group, has issued a statement denying Marjorie Taylor Greene’s apology to the Jews for comparing masks to the Holocaust.

Instead of accepting her apology, the Jews have launched a campaign against her and her failed apology.

The Jews are now spamming Twitter with attacks on Marjorie and her apology to them.

The Jews have stated that they are “very proud” of their race and will continue to fight to destroy Marjorie and other anti-Semites.

The Jews are also supporting a “domestic terrorism” campaign by Joe Biden to hunt down and imprison people who believe in QAnon, i.e., Marjorie Taylor Greene and her followers.

These Jews are tweeting at her in Yiddish now with threatening statements.

This is a big surprise.

I thought for sure that this major apology that Marjorie gave at the Holocaust Museum would force the Dems to admit that it is actually they that are the anti-Semitic racists.

The only thing that I can think of that Marjorie can do now is apologize even harder.

She should fly to Israel, and then bow down at the Wailing Wall, and swear to devote her entire life to fighting for Jewish domination of the whole earth.

The Dems won’t see that one coming, and then they will have to admit how racist they truly are, and put an end to the Jewish practice of Holocaust Apology Denial once and for all.

A hard enough apology will definitely and certainly result in the Jews ceasing their attempts to round us all up and exterminate us.