Three Sassy Sows Steal Merchandise from Beauty Store, Attack Four People Who Try and Stop Them

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 15, 2019

Take note, crackas.

This is what happens when you deny strong, independent black women their God-given right to fake hair extensions.

Daily Mail:

Police are searching for three women who were caught on camera pepper-spraying and assaulting a store owner who caught them trying to steal merchandise at a Maryland mall.

Montgomery County Police have released surveillance video showing three young women wreaking havoc at Westfield Wheaton Mall on September 23, where they brutally punched and pepper-sprayed four people including a store owner who caught them shoplifting.

Cops were first called to the scene around 12.42pm for a stealing incident at a Target at the mall.

When they arrived they were notified of another incident at the opposite end of the mall at Wheaton Beauty Supply store, which cops later said involved the same suspects. Police say in total the trio assaulted four victims.

Shocking surveillance footage from Wheaton Beauty Supply Store shows the women enter the shop holding Target bags then pick up merchandise from the shelves. One woman is seen putting an item into the Target bag.

When they try to walk out they’re stopped by the store owner, a man in a gray T-shirt, who appears to motion towards one woman’s bag, and the women retaliate by aggressively pushing him across the store and out the entrance.

Once they are at the entrance one woman is seen sucker punching the store owner in the face. Then all three woman start to attack the store owner and two started punching him, according to authorities. The women also used pepper spray during the vicious attack.

The owner then herds the women out of the door and they continue their harrowing assault, throwing him back into the store and furiously punching along the way.

One woman with long braids and wearing a denim jacket attacks him across the store throwing an endless stream of punches and has to be restrained by her friend and another shopper at the store.

The women also attacked the owner’s friend who came to his aid and pepper-sprayed him as well.

Finally the three women leave the store.

The shocking footage shows their victim on the ground. Cops say she was allegedly pepper-sprayed by the trio.

When a witness sitting his car saw the assault tried to intervene and took video of the attack on his phone. Then the three suspected thieves surrounded his car and pepper-sprayed him.

Following the brawl, the women fled toward the Wheaton Metro Station.

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