Three Muslims Laugh as They Pour Acid on British Mother in Front of her Six-Year-Old Twin Boys

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 29, 2013

The three Muslim terrorists who poured acid on a mother walking home from school with her twin boys, on March 24, 2011, have been sentenced to a total of 44 years in prison.

These are the Hordes of Mordor, and they are evil incarnate.

The demons laughed as the woman and her children screamed, before making a getaway in their BMW. The attack took place outside the Upton Cross Primary School in Upton Park, east London; Muslims appear to consider the entire city their territory now.

Yannick Ntesa.
Yannick Ntesa.
Abdul Motin.
Abdul Motin.
Ahad Miah.
Ahad Miah.

From the Daily Mail:

Speaking after the attack the woman, who suffered horrendous burns to her face and body, said: ‘I saw a man approach me who was carrying something in a bottle.

‘He threw it over me and after a few seconds it started burning. I was crying: “Please help me! Please help me!”‘

Throughout the course of the six week trial at Blackfriars Crown Court, no motive for the attack was ever presented.

These beasts truly are incredible. It is simply unimaginable, the way they behave. What kind of an animal even thinks of throwing acid at a mother with her children? Why would you think of that?

Of course, we can’t, and won’t ever be able to understand the way these monsters are wired. It is enough simply to understand that we need them out from our homes, forever.

They may return to their lands, or they may die in ours. It makes no difference to me.

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