Three Football Players Died of Heart Attacks in the Last Week

WikiHow is trying out a new art style and it’s amazing.

Professional athletes have always been at war with heart attacks, Winston.

This is really nuts, isn’t it?

They can literally cover up anything.

There’s a Wikipedia page that lists football players who died while playing. So far, 18 have died in 2021, and the year’s not over yet.

In 2020, 3 died.

You can say “well, they played fewer games in 2020.” Well, in 2018, 9 died – one of which was struck by lightning, another from a head injury from a collision. Of the other 7, heart attacks were not confirmed as the cause of death on 3 of them. So, 18 confirmed heart attacks in-game in 2021, four in 2018.

Also, with regards to that Wiki list – Marin Cacic isn’t listed because he died during training. I’m not sure how many of these there are.

I wonder how many professional athletes in their 20s and early 30s have died from coronavirus?

Just joking. I don’t wonder about that. The number is zero.

The other thing worth noting is: these players are collapsing left and right, virtually every game, and not dying, and we don’t have a full list of the times that is happening.

You can just type “football player collapse on pitch” in a new search to get an idea – though you’ll get spammed with this sort of thing:

As far as why this isn’t happening in the United States – it’s because US sports are overwhelmingly black, and unlike white people, blacks have enough spine to say “bitch I ain’t is been done gone be do take dat shit muffuguh, up off dat bitch.”

The NFL and NBA are both cooperating to allow players to refuse the vax, or to fake it.

The reason athletes are dying or collapsing at such a high rate is that they are the ones really working their hearts that have been damaged by these injections. Most people don’t do a lot of heavy physical activity, so they’re not nearly as likely to see the heart problems so soon.

But you know – they’re planning on giving you infinite numbers of these shots, so everyone is going to get more and more damage. You’re going to have a society where people just can’t even carry things up the stairs, or move furniture, for fear of cardiac arrest.

Please note: the cardiac damage – which is caused by these mRNA injections forcing every cell in your body to produce this spike protein – are just the most immediately obvious permanent physical damage caused by these vaccines. I’ve asserted that they are almost certainly going to destroy people’s immune systems, which will cause people to get seriously ill and often die from minor illnesses. When cold and flu season gets started in earnest, I think people are going to die at higher numbers than ever before. They will of course then blame the alleged coronavirus.

Also, note that every cell in your brain is also producing this spike protein, which is going to cause brain damage and also lead to increases in strokes, aneurysms, seizures, and so on.

And again: they are now talking about giving you these shots every three months, so there is going to be a compounding effect.

The Jew Peter Hotez is an “expert” who is a favorite media pundit, and he is officially saying that people should be getting boosters at least every three months because of Omicron, and because the vaccines just don’t really work very well (according to him).

After there was some pushback against that demand, the Jew Hotez went on Twitter to defend himself, saying he was wrong, but that “the data are the data” and we just have to keep taking more and more of these shots, more and more often, apparently forever.

This is from the Jew Hotez’ Wiki:

Now, let’s go check the list of Bill Gates grants on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation webpage…

What else?

Well, according to Gates’ website, Hotez has personally been put at the head of at least one multimillion dollar “research project.”

He’s also been personally publicly acknowledged by Gates.

This is all just simply ridiculous.