Threat Posted on 4chan Results in Schools Shutting Down for 3 days as NYT Ramps Up the “White Nationalist Terrorist” Narrative

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2019

We’re now in a situation where “white nationalists” – which just means “white people who think they should have a nation” – are being framed as a terrorist movement.

Everyone is going to fall under this umbrella of “white nationalism.” That’s why they’re not saying “neo-Nazi white supremacists” – because they want to be able to cast as big of a net as possible. For example, the media refers to Breitbart as a “white nationalist website,” because it would be too absurd to call them neo-Nazis.

They’re willing to cite the SPLC and call Gavin McInnes a neo-Nazi. So when they start talking about “white nationalism,” you know they’re just saying “all white people who think they have a right to exist at all.”

It is going to take a little while for this to get rolling. Because as horrible as Donald Trump is, he’s not going to declare all white people to be a terrorist threat. They’re not going to start really cracking down until there’s a Democrat in office.

But they’re framing everything now, to get ready for that. We’re going to have a better idea of the direction they’re going in after Congress holds their planned hearings on the topic next month.

Shutting down an entire school district based on an alleged racist threat on the internet is part of the framing. They are setting the stage for whites to be targeted.

You’ll always find everything you need to know about the narrative in the New York Times:

The authorities in Charlottesville, Va., arrested a teenage boy on Friday in connection with an online threat made against “specific ethnic groups” at the public high school there, as the city’s schools remained closed for the second day in a row.

A 17-year-old boy was arrested and charged in connection with the threat, which appeared to have targeted black and Hispanic students.

The Charlottesville public school district, which serves about 4,300 students from kindergarten to high school, had shut down all of its campuses on Thursday and announced that schools would remain closed Friday to prioritize the safety of students.

“We would like to acknowledge and condemn the fact that this threat was racially charged,” Charlottesville City Schools said in a message to the community. “We do not tolerate hate or racism.”

“The entire staff and School Board stand in solidarity with our students of color — and with people who have been singled out for reasons such as religion or ethnicity or sexual identity in other vile threats made across the country or around the world,” the message continued. “We are in this together, and a threat against one is a threat against all.”

As is the way of the NYT, they take a short break from the topic of the article to frame it inside of a narrative.

The back-to-back days of school closures came amid a backdrop of racial tension in Charlottesville, a city that was home to a deadly white supremacist rally in 2017 and where resistance to Confederate statues spurred a movement to remove similar symbols in cities across the country.

The events of two years ago prompted a drastic overhaul of the city’s leadership and forced soul-searching on how to address racial and economic disparities in Charlottesville, often considered a bastion of Southern progressivism.

But the city is still grappling with deep-seated inequity, including in its school system. Charlottesville City Schools, where students are about 40 percent white, 30 percent black and 12 percent Hispanic, has one of the widest educational disparity gaps in the United States.

Yes, you see: everything changed after the Charlottesville rally of 2017 – everything except the educational performance of blacks and Mexicans.

Now back to the topic of the news story.

A spokesman for the Charlottesville police declined to specify the details of the online threat, other than to say that it contained “biased-based language” and “targeted specific ethnic groups.”

But images posted on social media indicate that the threat was made on 4chan, an anonymous web forum where countercultural and offensive views proliferate. A user who claimed to be affiliated with Charlottesville High School promised an “ethnic cleansing in my school” and, using slurs, threatened to kill African-American and Hispanic people.

The authorities first learned about the threat Wednesday afternoon and worked to determine its credibility before making an arrest around 6 a.m. Friday.

The 17-year-old, who was not identified, was charged with threatening to commit serious bodily harm on a school property, as well as harassment.

Here’s the post.

It is a real threat. That is illegal.

First reply might have called it though.

Now back to the narrative.

While white supremacist hatred long predates sites like 4chan or Reddit, online platforms can create and reinforce extremist beliefs. And extremist behavior online has preceded real-life violence in recent instances.

Last week, the suspect in a mass shooting that killed 50 people at mosques in New Zealand seemed to have planned the attack as an online performance. He teased his act on Twitter, announced it on the online message board 8chan and appeared to have posted a 74-page manifesto online before streaming the massacre on Facebook.

And last year, hours before a gunman barged into a Pittsburgh synagogue and killed 11 people, the authorities say he posted a signoff on Gab, a social network that bills itself as a “free speech” alternative to Facebook and Twitter, and that has become a haven for white supremacists, neo-Nazis and other extremists.

In another instance, the suspect accused of sending explosive devices to prominent Democrats last year appeared to have been radicalized online.

Firstly, there were no “explosive devices.” There were completely fake bombs.

Secondly, they were sent by a Filipino who was clearly insane and was definitely not from 4chan.

But this is how they get you. They dazzle the goyim with bullshit.

I don’t know if this post was really made by an angry 17-year-old white kid.

They don’t have to ever give the name of the kid they arrested because he’s a minor, but for whatever reason the police announced that he “identifies as Portuguese.”

Maybe he’s a white Portuguese immigrant who lives in the district and actually did make the 4chan post. He obviously wasn’t going to do it, because he didn’t have a gun. So even if it’s all true, it is a mean-spirited practical joke. Not actual violence.

The issue here is not one specific event, but the way they weave these events together into a narrative.

A frivolous threat, a fist fight, a car accident – all of it becomes a narrative that whites must be silenced.

The NYT is produced for middle and upper-middle class people who think they’re smart because they can read at an 8th grade level. But they set the tone for every media outlet, which is their much more important role. I read the New York Times, and only rarely see CNN – but every time I see CNN, the hosts are just reading New York Times articles and adding in ridiculous emotionally charged trigger language. There is absolutely no diversity whatsoever, and that is because everyone in the media knows: you just say whatever the New York Times says.

The Iraq war was based on fake reporting in the NYT, the Russian kookspiracy was based on fake reporting in the NYT. Every Jewish hoax has its origins there.

And they are really ramping “white nationalist terrorists” thing up to maximum volume.

These are all from the last week, and all put the blame for the incident in New Zealand on people being allowed to say politically incorrect things on the internet.

Check out that last one – anyone who said that Moslems are a threat is responsible for the shooting.

And no, he isn’t a conspiracy theorist saying that all of the nonstop Moslem terrorist attacks are staged hoaxes. He’s saying that people shouldn’t be allowed to talk about them.

It’s all coming.

I don’t want to keep telling you how bad this is going to get, but I need to, because you all need to be ready.

As soon as Trump is gone, these people are going to hit the ground running.

And they are coming for you.