Thousands Protest Shutdown Hoax in Germany as the Entire White Western World Rises Up

People are going to get as much of this hoax as they are willing to take. From these images coming out of Germany, it seems that they are getting closer to the point where they will not take any more.

You need to go to these protests, or organize protests. If you’re already going to these protests, we salute you.

This is the crisis of our generation, and our fate is in your hands.

Godspeed, and remember – you get what you deserve.


Angered by a slew of lockdown measures, purported vaccine plans or alleged state surveillance, thousands took to the streets on Saturday in Germany in a growing wave of demonstrations that has alarmed even Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Initially starting as a handful of protesters decrying tough restrictions on public life to halt transmission of the coronavirus, the demonstrations have swelled in recent weeks to gatherings of thousands in major German cities.

Huge numbers of anti-lockdown protesters, conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers or extremists massed across Germany again on Saturday, with more than 5,000 gathering in Stuttgart, at least 1,500 in Frankfurt and around 1,000 in Munich.

“Corona is fake”, claimed one poster held aloft in Stuttgart, “Isolation, Masks, Tracking, Vaccine — that’s a no go”, cried another.

Police in Berlin made 200 arrests as scuffles broke out, while in Hamburg, conspiracy theorists clashed with anti-lockdown protesters.

Naturally, the media – even AFP and Reuters, who are supposed to be neutral – are framing these people as anti-science conspiracy theorist extremists, and potential racist anti-Semites.

DW even did a video, in which they show these protestors for about a minute, explicitly stating that they are peaceful, normal, middle-class people, stunned by the unprecedented shutdown of their basic freedoms.

After showing these normal, middle class-looking people protesting calmly in an orderly German way, they spend the rest of the 7-minute video discussing how potentially racist and anti-Semitic it is to object to having your life shut down by the government.

The growing demonstrations have sparked comparison to the anti-Muslim Pegida marches at the height of Europe’s refugee crisis in 2015, raising questions over whether the strong support that Merkel is currently enjoying due to her handling of the virus crisis could evaporate.

Just as it won popularity by fanning anti-migrant sentiment five years ago, the far-right AfD party is now openly encouraging protesters and repositioning itself as an anti-lockdown party.

A recent poll commissioned by the Spiegel news magazine found that almost one in four Germans surveyed voiced “understanding” for the demonstrations.

The development has shocked the political establishment, with Merkel reportedly telling the top brass of her centre-right CDU party of the “worrying” trend that may bear some hallmarks of Russia’s disinformation campaigns.

I’m sure the Russians did it, but…

Germany in March took unprecedented measures to shut down public life.

While a huge majority of Germans back the action, giving Merkel’s government a big boost in approval ratings, dissent is fomenting, particularly online where YouTube videos championing conspiracy theories or quack medical advice are attracting tens of thousands of views.

But protesters bristled at being dismissed as loonies.

Markus Windebrandt, 43, who was protesting in Munich, said the “measures of compulsory mask wearing and social distancing are simply no longer necessary.

“COVID-19 is a serious disease that must be taken seriously but the consequences of the disease must be compared to the negative consequences that these measures may have. There is no medical evidence that wearing the mask works. ”

In Dortmund, another protester who would only be identified as Sabine, 50, said she turned up because she was “worried about public freedoms — under the cover of fighting the pandemic… the exceptional laws go against our basic constitution”.

“We want a return to normality and to not have any impediment on our public freedom. If someone is sick, then he or she should be just put in quarantine.”

After a public outcry over unruly protests last weekend, the AfD placed itself squarely on the side of the demonstrators.

Party co-chief Alexander Gauland said it was “completely correct that people are exercising their fundamental rights and demonstrating against corona measures.”

Any resulting split in society over the demonstrations should not be blamed on the protesters, but on “the sweeping vilification of participants as right-wing extremists, nutcases or conspiracy theorists”, he charged.

It is now officially an extremist conspiracy theory to look at this graph and believe that the lockdown is unnecessary.

If you do not see a line exponentially curving up into infinity, you have a mental illness and you are part of the problem.

Sometimes violent in nature, the demonstrations have also been increasingly tinged by anti-Semitism.

Underscoring the increasingly virulent atmosphere, a mock tombstone was found in front of Merkel’s electoral offices, apparently to oppose lockdown measures.

“I consider this type of protest to be extremely dangerous,” Felix Klein, the government’s pointman on tackling anti-Semitism, told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

“We must take the emergence of these movements very seriously and cannot hope that with the end of the corona crisis these forces will disappear again,” he said.

Spiegel also cited the urgent need for Merkel to get a grip on the situation.

“If she doesn’t take counter action now, a second populist wave of anger could break over Germany,” it warned.

These people may not be right-wing extremist conspiracy theorists now, but they will be soon, if this goes on for much longer.

Our readers need to go to these events, look and act like normal people, and explain to the normal people why this flu hoax is fake, and so can only be a deliberate plan to shut everything down. They need to make videos of people saying these things at the protests, and put them on social media.