Thousands of Students Protest Climate Change in Belgium: “No Point Going to School if Our World is Dying”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2019

This is a small event compared to those massive climate change protests from Africa, India, and China.


More than 10,000 students skipped school again in Belgium to join a march demanding better protections of the globe’s fragile climate.

Despite the rain and cold, the colorful protest march in Brussels was bigger than the initial one last week.

Niggers are very very concerned about the health of the planet.

Indians are very very concerned about the health of the planet.

Chinese are very very concerned about it too.

Banners reading “School strike 4 Climate” and “Skipping school? No. We fight for our future,” highlighted the march, which was free of incidents.

White people are the only ones actually concerned about the health of the planet because we’re the only ones with this combination of enough empathy and long-term sight. Others, such as the people of China, have what could be argued is a better long-term planning ability, but lack the necessary empathy to care about “mother nature” and the mercury levels of the oceans.

“The climate is really more important than 8 hours a week of school.”

This empathy of ours is great when we’re only dealing with our people because it can be expected to be reciprocated and that would allow us to operate at a higher level, but it turns into a very exploitable weakness when dealing with outsiders because outsiders put themselves first, always. Being willing to fuck our own economies while strengthening those of our enemies because we think that would somehow make the planet die more slowly is a very huwhyte thing to do.

The problem, however, is not that we care. The problem is that most of our people are too brainwashed to see what’s what.

These kids want to save the planet and think that’s more important than going to school, but they’re not the ones doing the most damage to this planet. Not even close. White countries are the least contaminating countries today, and most of the serious damage done to the oceans is not of our doing.

We have this situation where we want to do something good and the apparent path presented to achieve it is going to cripple our countries and also maybe result in our extinction, and our people can’t see that the only way the good they want to do is going to get done is if we take control of the planet and prevent others from going against our will.

This can’t be emphasized enough.

If we want to save the planet, suicide is not the answer. Inflicting ourselves with regulations or whatever thinking that it will make a difference for the climate is worse than naive, it’s goyive.

We have to stop this masochistic attitude the Jews programmed us with and stop having this reflex to self-destroy thinking that it will somehow save stuff.

Especially when we’re the only ones concerned about saving stuff.