Thots of the Day: “I Can Judge a Single God with My Wrongs and Wrongs”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2018

I am trying to figure out a way to explain the deep reasons of why this is so funny to me. But I will probably fail. Because the funniness of it is too deep for words.


A Turkish media personality has unexpectedly gained international recognition for all the wrong reasons. Naz Mila, 26, will probably be remembered as the girl who tattooed Google-translated nonsense all over her body.

Mila is an Azeri-born celebrity and reality show star with some 860,000 followers on Instagram. On Sunday, her fans received a new treat: pictures of their half-naked idol with a giant tattoo spread from chest to knee on her right side. The only problem was that it didn’t make sense.

The one-liner presumably was meant to read: “Only God can judge my mistakes and truths,” a popular Turkish phrase. But instead, it read: “I can judge a single god with my wrongs and wrongs.”

Apparently, neither Mila nor her tattooist had a good command of English, and the phrase was simply put through Google Translator or a similar online service.

Mila previously took part in the Turkish reality show ‘With Zuhal Topal,’ in which male contestants are supposed to find a bride. The show was taken off air after allegations that participants had had sex for money.

It doesn’t appear that the tattoo gaffe discouraged her from posting new pictures and videos on her Instagram, however.

So, on what makes it so funny to me, I decided to do a bullet point, from simplest to most complex:

  • I hate women generally
  • I hate Moslems generally
  • It is the ideal “funny wrong translation” tattooed on a person
  • The tattoo itself is so huge and decadent, a woman getting this and posting pictures of it on the internet would be funny whatever it said.
  • She only deleted one of the pictures and keeps posting new things, even while the whole world knows she has this massive tattoo
  • This is the epitome of female empowerment
  • This is the epitome of Jewish cultural export to low IQ third worlders
  • This is the epitome of brown people as a whole idolizing Jewish culture as a whole and not being able to do it right
  • It is a reflection of the vapidity of the Western female in a non-Western female, and this reflection sheds light on the vile nature of the Western female
  • “I can judge God” seems like a principle a woman would actually use to define her life
  • “Turkish reality TV star who got fired for having sex for money gets massive Google Translate tattoo of Islamic phrase in English and it is nonsensical gibberish” could go down as the defining headline of the early 21st century

But truly, the funniness goes beyond all of that, because you can mix any two of those aspects together and it take you down a whole other road of lols.

It made my day.