THOTpocalypse NOW 7 – Brave New Clown World

Doctor Mayhem
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2018


“Shut up and Swallow” is a metaphor for my love life

This is also why I don’t get laid: Turns out, women don’t actually like Christian Grey shit
They really, REALLY don’t appreciate you spitting in their mouth and choking them during sex

Why you should fuck jewish bitches, do all that stuff I just mentioned, and end by handcuffing them to the bed and pissing on them

It was easier to get laid in the 1950s

Clownworld is not socially sustainable…y-sustainable

The anatomy of revolution: It is not poor people being further deprived that overthrow governments
Said people have broken spirits and are so used to suffering that they pretty much roll over and die. See: Holodomor
It is well-off people who see that they are going to become poor that revolt. See: American Revolution

r/K theory, dopamine, amygdala angst, and how it relates to government overthrow

Rapeman is the hero we need AND deserve
(best parody ever)

Video game commentary: God of War and Kratos as the evolution of the Alpha Male
God of War has surprisingly little poz and is hilariously red pilled by accident

Ancient Mythology was always red pilled

The Church has failed men
Modern “churches” are great examples – Rehash of a Rebel Yell 2015 bit

Boomers enable thots

Stop saying that it makes women feel bad because they don’t
Abortion is proof that women are monsters and need the boot

Well… certainly agreeing with legislation to put this in law… heh heh heh…
Would ensure that no programmers want to bother to make sex bots for women, this would crush women’s SMV.…n-arrested-news

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