Thot Pretending to be a Doctor Wants to Electrocute People to Make Them More “Tolerant”

Daily Stormer
August 20, 2019

Would bang

Nothing good has ever come from pretending women are as capable at anything as men are.

And nothing good ever will.


Over the past 20 years, researchers have attempted to alter people’s ethnic and racial stereotypes and prejudices by providing information that counteracts the prejudice, writes Maddalena Marini, yet these interventions, while effective to some extent, have produced only limited results, especially regarding duration.

A postdoctoral researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Marini says that these stereotypes are so instilled in the human mind that “the only way to change them is to change the biological mechanisms of the brain responsible for generating and controlling these stereotypes.”

I don’t suppose it ever dawned on this dumb bitch that the reason these “stereotypes” are so instilled in the brain is that they’re real, and have some useful purpose.

For example, if the objectively true stereotype that women don’t belong outside of the kitchen would’ve been followed, you’d be at home taking care of your 5+ children, I would be writing something else, and we’d both be much happier.

To accomplish this, Marini proposes the use of “non-invasive brain stimulation techniques,” which “modulate the mechanisms through which the brain regulates our behavior” by introducing transcranial electric or magnetic currents.

Studies have allowed us to define a network of brain regions causally involved in these processes, showing that “by increasing or decreasing the activity of some of these areas it is possible to reduce the strength of unconscious stereotypes,” she writes, like “the prejudice that leads to associating acts of terrorism with being of Arab origin.”

That’s a brilliant idea, getting electrocuted until you can no longer distinguish reality from fiction.

The real problem here is you noticing

That’s what the world needs today.

Good thing we let women become “doctors” or else we’d be missing out on brilliant ideas like this one.

Scientific research “has shown that our mind contains stereotypes and prejudices that are linked to the different social characteristics of individuals, such as, for example, ethnicity, skin color, weight, gender, age, sexual, political, or religious orientation, disability and physical or mental illness,” she asserts.

Marini does not state whether she believes that the treatment against prejudice and stereotypes should be strictly voluntary or mandatory in some cases. She does suggest that individuals are incapable of eradicating their prejudices — or even recognizing them — by themselves.

“Equality is a fundamental right of every citizen and a duty of our society,” she declares. “Equal opportunities are not only an indispensable feature of a democratic society, but also a crucial foundation for a nation’s innovation, economy and general well-being.”

Finding all sorts on insane, dystopic ways to suppress nature in the name of some vague abstractions seems perfectly fine to a woman, which is the main reason why they belong in cages.

As dumb as most women are, we should never forget that they’re not subverting our society just by their own initiative – they’re doing it as puppets for the Jews.

And once we get rid of Jews, most problems – such as women not having their tongues surgically removed at birth – will just fix themselves.

“…as a White male…”

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