Thot-Pocalypse: Warner Bros. Sued Over “Sexual Harassment”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2017

Entire Jew companies are now harassing women, smdh.

You thought things were bad back when we had individual men molesting their co-workers? The gender wars have officially been ramped up.

Now entire Jew media companies are being sued for their collective sexual misconduct. While it’s a bit tricky trying to visualize a corporate entity grabbing some hoe’s butt or mouthing an off-color joke, we can’t let technicalities get in the way of seeing these kikes suffer.

Hopefully, all these horrible Jew corporations get sued and placed on the sex offender list.

Los Angeles Times:

When Becky Steenhoek took a job on “The Bachelor,” she knew there would be no way to avoid talking about sex. As she and the millions of fans who tune into the ABC reality show know, contestants often spend nights together in extravagant hotel rooms dubbed “Fantasy Suites.”

What the 31-year-old television producer said she didn’t realize was that she would be asked to discuss her own sex life. In a complaint filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Steenhoek said she was exposed to “pervasive and persistent sexual inquiries and language” during production of the 2016 season of “The Bachelorette” featuring JoJo Fletcher. She is suing Warner Bros., which produces the program, the show’s production company and five “Bachelor” franchise producers, alleging sexual harassment and other claims.

Poor girl. She was asked lewd questions.

In a statement, Warner Bros. said it takes “all allegations of workplace harassment very seriously” and that it investigated Steenhoek’s claims earlier this year. “Our findings did not support the plaintiff’s characterization of the events claimed to have taken place, which is why we are disappointed by the filing of this lawsuit,” the company said.

In her complaint, Steenhoek said that producers Elan Gale, Bennett Graebner, Peter Scalettar, Jacqueline “Naz” Perez and Caitlin Stapleton frequently peppered her with graphic personal questions, including: “Is your vagina shaved?” “Have you ever sat under a shower faucet or touched yourself to masturbate?” “Have you ever fondled [testicles] before?”

In other words, just Jews being Jews.

These people are all perverts, and any goy sticking it out in Hollywood is probably a some kind of degenerate as well. So none of this is surprising in the least.

But seeing all this being brought out in the open feels so, so good.

When she complained to her supervisor, Stapleton, about how uncomfortable the line of questioning made her, she was fired, she claimed in the lawsuit.

“I know what the show is about — that they push boundaries, have sex in the fantasy suite and there’s discussion about those things,” Steenhoek said in a telephone interview with The Times from Texas, where she moved in with family after leaving the show. “However, I didn’t think that as a crew member that I would be asked those really intimate questions. I’m not a contestant on the show. I didn’t sign a contract basically signing my life over to the producers.” Her suit is seeking damages for sexual harassment, sex discrimination, retaliation, failure to prevent harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress and wrongful termination.

I wish I could make millions for being asked about my junk. Sigh.

Is paying millions of dollars in damages a fitting punishment for asking some thot questions about her vagina?


But it is fitting punishment for being a Jew, though.

And Warner Bros. is as Jewish a company as you can find.

Warner Bros: Subverting America for over a century.

Wow, it’s starting to look like creating a system where women can randomly sue men and companies for stupid bullshit was kind of short-sighted, huh, Jews? Especially considering how you own all these wealthy, powerful companies and you’re also all sex perverts.

This whole story is getting better and better, and there’s just no end in sight.