THOT Patrols Self: Commits Suicide After Finding Out Boyfriend Died in Accident

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 31, 2018

In a surprising turn of events, a woman does the right thing and kills herself to follow her man to the afterlife.

Does this make up for her past mistakes though? Let’s figure it out.

Daily Mail:

The chilling final hours of a woman who took her own life after discovering her boyfriend was killed by a pizza delivery driver have been revealed.

Alice Robinson was in her Stanley Street unit in Perth on December 22 when her boyfriend Jason Francis called to tell her he would be home in a ‘couple of minutes’.

The 29-year-old rugby player had just spent the day drinking with friends and was lying on the road outside their block of units when he was hit by a teenage Domino’s Pizza delivery driver.

Just after the sound of sirens flooded the quiet street Ms Robinson walked out of her unit to see what was going on.

The young woman collapsed in grief when police told her that her long-time boyfriend was on his way to Perth Royal Hospital, according to Perth Now.

Minutes later, Ms Robinson was on her way to hospital with her neighbour Colette following closely behind to give comfort.

When Colette got there Alice was nowhere to be seen, so she searched the car park and drove around in hopes of finding her.

‘We knew she would have been in a terrible state. We just could not find her. I feel so terrible for both their families over there. I’m so sorry we couldn’t find her,’ Colette said.

Less than 24-hours later, Ms Robinson was found dead in ‘non-suspicious circumstances’ in her car in a nearby suburb.

Less than 24-hours later? That was some efficient THOT-patrolling on her part. No hesitation there.

The young couple, originally from Shropshire in England, were together eight years and had moved to Perth less than a year ago after travelling the world together.

Colette met them within days of moving into their unit, and described them as being a ‘loving, bubbly, happy couple’.

8 years together? Then why would she kill herself!? What about their young kids?

They only had each other in Australia, friends say, with both of their families living overseas.

Oh… childless, as usual for young white couples.

Ms Robinson showed her passion through her art, with an eye for exquisite detail and extraordinary talent portrayed in her graphite drawings.

Ms Robinson’s devastated mother, Dawn, took to social media to pay tribute to her daughter.

So this flesh toy had enough time to pursue “her art” but not enough time to raise kids? What’s the excuse for her not having at least one?

Her left foot looks weird.

What was she even doing wasting time playing with monkeys instead of playing with the kids she should have had? I mean… we know all women are very fond of monkeys, but this couple was together for EIGHT YEARS without producing a single white baby. Instead of creating their own squad of beautiful white kids, they chose to spend their money traveling around the world and doing who knows what.

Mr Francis was a keen rugby union player for the Cottesloe Rugby Union Football Club, where the couple were known as ‘two beautiful souls’.

Yeah he looked like a good man.

He was fit too.

It’s a real loss.

This tragedy could have been prevented if she had had any kids. They should have had kids. She wouldn’t kill herself if the man she loves died if she had the man she loves’ kids to raise and look after.

Really, this slut—yes, slut, every childless woman who has sex regularly is a slut—doesn’t look that bad for whore standards. She had the decency to kill herself after her man died. That’s really something in this day and age. The horrible problem with this is that the genes that allowed for that rare moment of lucidity are now gone, removed from the gene pool, and the genes of the man that elicited that lucidity inside of her, the man that activated her good genes, the man that made her a better woman, are now also gone.

This is sadder the more you think about it. Yes, it’s funny. I mean… it was funny at first. But man…

Look at them again:

They’d have been loving parents and their kids would have been beautiful.

We need more of that, and we need more of these “sometimes does the honorable thing” women.

Do you think a woman like this one wouldn’t have been happy to learn she was pregnant and that both she and the man she madly loves are now going to be parents? Do you think she wouldn’t be incredibly proud to tell him that she was with child? That she was pregnant with his child?

She killed herself for him.

She would have loved bringing his children to this world.

I don’t know if we can blame them.

Maybe they planned to have kids some time later. Our people are just too brainwashed by the Jews. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume they thought “we’re young, we can have kids after we’re in our 30s” or some other similar thoughts normies have.

When I saw this news I planned to laugh but I’m not laughing now.