Thot Epidemic Spreads to Russia as Crazy Chick Flashes Vag for Social Justice

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2017

The gauntlet has been thrown down. If Ivan blinks, Russia will fall to these psychotic bitches.

I’ll give you the executive summary: some THOT decided to put her THOT friend out there lifting her skirt up to combat sexism and promote a dialogue about the widespread societal problem of men peeking up women’s skirts.LIVE NOW!

Yes, you give women an education, and this is what they do with it. Everywhere in the White world, we see crazy fucking bitches ruining everyone’s life and I for one am sick of it.

A ray of light though: the comments are universally negative for the most part. The girl in the vid is just a slut who needs a real man in her life. You can tell that she’s turned on because of how her nipples harden and poke out through her dress. But the mastermind chick goes to the libshit St. Petersburg University. She’s a spoiled rich brat who calls herself a social activist – which means she has a rich daddy or sugar daddy.

All the rich girls in Russia have Instagrams. And all the poor, but hot girls have Instagrams as well that try to be artsy to mask the fact that they can’t compete with the rich queen bee taking photos in Monaco or some other over-priced pedo-ring Eurodump.

This is just one of those spoiled rich brats that went crazy. You can tell that from her Instagram account.

I swear to god, I wrote that Monaco part BEFORE I even looked at this photo. Really. That’s how basic these bitches are. The caption should read, “stop objectifying me.” Also look at fucking Sergey in the comments with his fucking smiley and his stupid beta cloying question. You’re a fucking disgrace Sergey. You make me sick. Beta orbiters get the bog, just remember that.

This bitch already has some provider boyfriend who may or may not have been in this thread. If it really was the anon in the thread, then I weep for Russia.

This took place in the St. Pedoburg metro system. As you will notice, its overwhelmingly White, which is why she wasn’t raped on the spot. These bitches don’t know how to count their blessings. Instead they relentlessly shit-test society and woe to the peoples that don’t pass dey bitch’s shit-test. Also, St. Pedoburg is the gayest, most liberal and most progressive city in Russia…which means its on the progressive level of a small Cajun town lost somewhere in the Bayou.

Still, you can’t escape Feminism or ZOG, lads. It’s everywhere, only its just in various states of growth. It’s game over for Sweden, but its starting to encroach on Russia. Ivan better fucking man-up, implement White Sharia and put other “men” like “Sergey” in the bog.

Can’t let this cancer grow. This video should be a wake-up call. If they nip this in the bud, they may still have a country in 15 years.

By the way, the chick in the video is a solid 6 by Russian standards, so don’t you dare fawn over her.