Those Who Supported Freedom of Speech and Those Who Did Not

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 24, 2017

We need to remove the US from the “free” column, it seems, as they are willing to allow private companies to kill free speech. The government allowing private companies to do this is absolutely no different than them doing it themselves. It is a technicality.

Daily Stormer’s banning from the internet did have to do with our ideas. These ideas are powerful. And they have triumphed over the ideas of the Jews, to the point where it is now impossible for leftists to argue in good faith.

Their only ability to defend their position is through appeal to emotion, outright lies and censorship.

However, our being banned from the internet was not an issue of ideas for people who believe in free speech. It was an issue of free speech.

Absolutely anyone could have come to the defense of the Stormer and said “I really despise their ideas, but we have to defend them because if we don’t than this can happen to anyone.” And a lot of people did that. I am very thankful.

However, some did not. For some of the supposed defenders of freedom of speech, the silence was deafening.

To this day, neither Alex Jones or Stefan Molyneux – two figures who have put themselves out there as defenders of free speech – have mentioned my name or the name of this website, let alone reached out to give me a platform to talk about being unpersoned. That is not something I am going to forget, and I hope that you don’t either. Of course, if this had happened to them, I would have come to their defense. And if it does happen to them, I will come to their defense still. But it should be understood that both these men are frauds. They do not believe in their stated principles.

Those who do not talk about freedom of speech non-stop had less of an obligation to come to our defense than Jones and Molyneux. Of course, they can fall back on the idea that “oh but it was just private companies so it’s their right.” But we all know this is bullshit. Without it even being explained why it is bullshit (government refusing to regulate), it is on the face of it bullshit.

Not an argument.

I think Julian Assange – who doesn’t come from an anarcho-capitalist position – had the biggest obligation, and I don’t think he did enough. Though he did do a little, and I do appreciate that.

I’m going to do lists of people who supported us and who did not. If someone is not on one of these lists, I don’t know if they did or not.

Also, I’m just going to leave actual Alt-Right people off the list, and assume that they all supported me. I haven’t been paying total attention. But of course, TRS did.

People who supported me:

People who did not support me:

  • Alex Jones
  • Stefan Molyneux
  • Mark Dice
  • Sargon of Akkad
  • Paul Joseph Watson
  • Jack Posobiec
  • Anyone from The Rebel Media
  • ACLU

Someone said to me that Sargon made some comment in a livestream. Okay, fine. He should have made an entire video, given his stated principles.

With regards to The Rebel Media – Laura Loomer actually helped get more of our shit shut down, then did a video with Gavin McInnes wherein McInnes referred to us as terrorists and compared us to ISIS.

Moving Forward

The very most important thing that we must do right now as a political movement and as a nation is force government regulation of tech companies.

What my unpersoning proved is that private companies now have the power to arbitrarily shut down anyone whose speech they view as morally wrong. How can we trust companies with no due process to simply be judge, jury and executioner of free speech?

Why are we even in this position?

These companies should have been regulated a decade ago, at least.

Instead of the government regulating Google, Google is regulating the world. It is the most powerful company that ever existed in all of history, and it is deciding what people are allowed to believe and think. 

And in all honesty, I think this is somewhere where we should be able to come together with the left. At least I would hope so. After all, Trump is President. And Trump is right-wing (and we hope he remains that way).

The company that is now registering this current domain name, Dreamhost, recently went to war with the Trump administration to keep private the IP addresses of an anti-Trump group that was hosted on their servers.

The Guardian:

The US government has backed away from an effort to obtain personal information about 1.3m visitors to an anti-Trump website, following a public outcry over what was widely perceived as a “fishing expedition” for political dissidents.

Federal prosecutors on Tuesday substantially narrowed the scope of a search warrant seeking information related to a website,, that was used to coordinate protests during Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The original warrant sought every piece of information possessed by website-hosting company DreamHost related to the site, including the IP addresses of the site’s 1.3m visitors. The revised warrant excludes the IP addresses of visitors as well as unpublished blogposts or other media.

“The government has now withdrawn entirely its unlawful and highly problematic request for any data relating to the visitors of the website and any unpublished data subject to the Privacy Protection Act,” a DreamHost attorney, Raymond Aghaian, said by email. “This is a tremendous win for DreamHost, its users and the public.”

This is an issue different than free speech, but it is against one of the fundamental principles of the internet, which is privacy. I am certainly willing to stand with the anti-Trump leftists in their battle to protect internet privacy.

I don’t even have to spend 2 seconds thinking about it. While I believe that Antifa is a terrorist group that should be banned in the United States, I do not think that principles regarding the way the internet is supposed to work should be violated in order to get that done.

Trump’s administration was wrong, period.

Just as GoDaddy, Google and Cloudflare (among others) were wrong for what they did to me.

The concept of the internet is something that we absolutely should all be able to come together in support of. Without anyone needing to think twice.

And that is what we need to do now.

The only people who would see free speech on the internet destroyed are those who believe that their only way to maintain power is through its destruction. And if the leftists believe in their own ideas, then they should be able to say: “yes, we all deserve the same rights on the internet.”

In order to maintain those rights, we need the government to step in and begin regulating Silicon Valley.

There is no other solution.

Also Going Forward

We need to go after the companies that censored me and yet are protecting pedophiles.

That is important.

Forcing anti-speech corporations to do mass bannings will then make them desire government regulation.

At the very least, we need to make it known to the people that large corporations are making the argument that political satire criticizing the ruling elite is worse than child molestation. Because that is presently the position of GoDaddy, Google, eNom and Cloudflare.

It was a mob who lobbied to shut down our speech.

Now it is time to form our own mob.

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