Those Haitians Were Not Whipped. Border Patrol Agents Do Not Carry Whips.

The media and government are saying that Border Patrol “whipped” Haitians.

What the media is identifying as “whips” are actually the reins of the horses.

Reins are the straps that go from the mouth of the horse to the rider’s hands, allowing the rider to drive the horse.

The Border Patrol does not have whips. I don’t know what kind of person would think that the Border Patrol is riding around on horses with whips.

I guess Joe Biden and Kamala Harris think that.

But it seems like they probably could have asked someone, like “hey, are Border Patrol agents issued whips?”

So, probably they don’t really think that, and were just lying on purpose in order to further demonize the concept of America having a border.

Joe Biden is saying he’s going to “make them pay.”

These guys were literally just doing their jobs, as they were instructed.

They ride on horses, because of the nature of the terrain at the border, and they’re supposed to apprehend people.

Drumming up this whipping hoax is really just wacko.

Like okay so, if the Border Patrol doesn’t have “standard issue whips,” is the claim then that these agents went out to a whip store and bought their own whips to whip these Haitians? Because they hate the color of their skin?

It’s all just so darn silly.

The only way the whole thing could possibly get sillier is if Al Sharpton showed up at the border to protest whippings.