Those Foster Kids That Got in the Shootout Were White

Earlier this week, Tranny Watch reported on a couple of kids in Volusia County, Florida, a 14-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy, who escaped a foster home, broke into a house, stole guns and got in a shootout with the cops.

It was a pretty epic story. I speculated that the kids could be white, and it turns out they are.

Their names are Nicole Jackson and Travis O’Brien.

They’re good-looking kids, and it is very sad that they have been sentenced to the doom system of foster care, which more or less always ends up resulting in psychological, emotional, sexual and physical abuse.

Police released bodycam footage.

It wasn’t a fair fight. There were more cops than kids. If the kids had had backup, they might have won.

The media is calling this “Bonnie and Clyde.”

It’s actually more like the early Quentin Tarantino films True Romance and Natural Born Killers.

I haven’t watched either in a long time and would probably find them offensive these days, but that’s what they reminded me of.

Sheriff Michael Chitwood is literally Tommy Lee Jones from Natural Born Killers.

These kids should have called Quentin for advice on their plans.

It’s good to see kids rebelling, I think. Granted, stealing guns and getting in a shootout with the cops is not the best form of rebellion. But I don’t know what they were supposed to do, given the nature of the foster system. Based on the story, it sounds like they should have just taken the handguns and left the house, instead of taking the time to destroy the place.

Few details of the story have been released, but it isn’t clear how the kids knew that this house was empty. The homeowner says he fears he may have been “targeted” by the kids because of a “sheriff’s star” hanging in the window. I guess he’s saying he thinks they just wanted to kill cops – but they seem to have gotten in the shootout because the cops came to take them back to the foster system.

Nicole was shot by cops. She went out at them with a shotgun leveled at them and they shot her. It’s a very brave act. It’s also obviously suicidal, which should be a commentary on the foster care system.

The kids shouldn’t be punished, but they will be. The sheriff called them “evil.” Whatever. That Sheriff looks Jewish. What is evil is the foster care system, and everything else this evil country does to children.

I hope they break out of prison together and escape to Brazil, have many children and live to old age.

They probably can’t read, because that’s the way foster care works – children are deprived of every element of normal childhood. But I’m going to try to get addresses where people can send them letters. They’ll have time to learn to read when they’re locked up in a cage for trying to make a clean break.