This Whacked-Out Hillary Video is Wow Just Wow I Can’t Even

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2016

Hillary sent this video to some union meeting in Las Vegas.

This is friggin nuts.

Wtf is wrong with this nutty bitch?

Well, that is really irrelevant. Something serious is wrong with her, whatever it is.

The question here is: wtf is wrong with her staff? Who saw this video and was like “bingo – ship it”?

The other possibility is that she’s like, so completely gone that this is the best they could get. But in that case, it would have been better to send nothing at all.

Although I mean, she’s made public appearances recently where she came off as basically normal, though frail.

But this “senile old bat yelling at you nonsensically” image is terrible. Just terrible, mate. Bloody hell.

We’ve got a debate tomorrow.

Is she going to act like this on stage???

I sure hope so!