This Week in “Donald Trump is a Racist” News!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2016


It is honestly – I’m being honest here – shocking that they just keep writing these same stories over and over and over and over and over again. They truly believe that if they just say it enough times, the people will eventually think “oh, you’re right, Jews – I don’t want to get called a mean name, so I will vote for Hillary Clinton.”

When in actual reality, the opposite is happening – the more (((they))) call Trump a racist, the more people feel they are being bullied, the closer they draw to Trump.

I wish I would have started a weekly column capturing these.

No, you know what – I’m starting a weekly column now.

I just edited the title of this article.

This is going weekly.

It’s a long time coming.

daily-stormer_166 Firefox_Screenshot_2016-07-25T07-49-34.369Z daily-stormer_165 Firefox_Screenshot_2016-07-25T07-46-03.140Z Firefox_Screenshot_2016-07-25T07-45-32.799Z Firefox_Screenshot_2016-07-25T07-45-01.984Z Firefox_Screenshot_2016-07-25T07-35-21.607Z Firefox_Screenshot_2016-07-25T07-23-37.663Z Firefox_Screenshot_2016-07-25T07-22-45.100Z Firefox_Screenshot_2016-07-25T07-48-06.920Z

After having just looked at all these articles, I’ve changed my mind.

I’m probably not really going to make this a weekly series.

It would just get boring and redundant like the articles themselves.

Maybe I’ll do it monthly, just with the most outrageous.