This Week: China Learns to Play the Game!

Slaves in New Jersey

It took the Chinese long enough, but they’re learning to play the human rights game.


The Chinese Foreign Ministry has raised concerns over forced labor practices in the US after media outlets reported that hundreds of Indians had been recruited to build a Hindu temple in New Jersey at a rate of $1.20 an hour.

Speaking on Wednesday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said Beijing was “deeply concerned.” “We urge the United States government to take effective measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of its workers and earnestly implement the ratified international labor conventions,” he stated.

Now do WHITE people!

And Palestine!

And Saudi Arabia and Yemen!

It’s easy, China!

The American Empire is a totally Jewish terror state and it is built on cruelty and abuse!

Meanwhile, China is a rich and peaceful country, where people feel happiness very specialness long time!