This Vegas Brother is for Sure Weird AF. Honestly, I Can’t Even.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2017

I don’t really think that any of this false flag stuff is true.

Not because I’m all like “NEVER CAN BE FALSE FLAG U IS INSANE.”

But because if it was a false flag, they would have had a narrative by now beyond “GUN CONTROL TAKE THE GUNS FROM THE GOYIM NAO.”

If they’re going to put together something this massive, he would be a Trump-supporter and Daily Stormer reader and that already would have been released by now. It would have been released in 24 hours.

That said: this “thousands of dollars worth of sushi, we don’t all work at Taco Bell” brother is very, very weird.

But with weird stuff like this, it’s like: well, if it was a false flag, why would it be so weird?

Why not just have a normal brother like “oh my god we’re so sorry we had no idea” instead of this guy rambling about flying to Japan to eat sushi and not working at Taco Bell?

I think probably this is just more proof of how sick and weird our society is. Not much else.

We live in a very, very sick and weird society.

And for that, friends, I blame a very specific group of people.

And I personally believe very strongly that we are approaching the point where this very specific group of people is going to need to be dealt with in a very specific manner.