This Summer: Get Ready for the Crazy Tale of a Holocaust Survivor Selling His House to a Nazi!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2018

This summer…

Get ready for fun…

Get ready for adventure…

My Gasser, My Homebuyer

Starring John Candy as Shlomo Weaselstein, the lovable survivor of the Nazi fake shower rooms, who doesn’t know up from down, but still gets around. His entire family was made into furniture and cleaning products, an so he’s got a screw or two loose!

And Bill Murry as Jakiw Palij, the kooky gas master who buys his house. He’s a fun-loving guy, who is just trying to fit in in a world where he is haunted by angry ghosts of his quirky past and hunted by Jews!

And featuring Rodney Dangerfield as Simon Wiesenthal.

It’s a fun family adventure!

For the whole family!

Based on a true story.