This Stuff is All Just So Filthy and Exhausting

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This is a 16th century wood cutting showing the devil eating children, and the children begging to be eaten.

France never had an age of consent until yesterday.


The French parliament on Thursday adopted legislation that characterises sex with a child under the age of 15 as rape and punishable by up to 20 years in jail, bringing its penal code closer in line with many other Western nations.

While the age of consent was previously 15, prosecutors in France used to be required to prove sex was non-consensual to obtain a rape conviction.

“This is an historic law for our children and our society,” Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti told the National Assembly.

“No adult aggressor will be able to claim the consent of a minor younger than 15-years-old.”

The vote in favouor of the bill was unanimous at its final reading, the Assembly said on Twitter.

This wasn’t just an issue of “teenage girls who look like they’re old enough.”

France has kind of served as forward deployment for the child sexualization agenda. The French Jew Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who is a pedophile activist and a member of the EU Parliament, ran a daycare center there where he molested 5-year-olds. (At least he wrote in a book he did that; he later said it was prose or whatever.)

France has several other prominent pedophiles, who have been allowed to write about it openly. One of them was Gabriel Matzneff, who is also probably Jewish.

This is also presumably why Mossad spy Jeffrey Epstein was there so often, regularly with American and other government officials and powerful people. He could do the underage sex videos legally, but they would be still be powerful blackmail.

It’s also why Roman Polanski, the satanic Jewish film director who drugged and sodomized that 13-year-old in America, was allowed to live there for all those years.

They also made that Cuties film there and didn’t understand why it bothered Americans.

All of this sex stuff is so tiresome. It’s filthy. Everything is designed to make you feel dirty.

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The core concept of Western civilization – and in fact all civilization – was the normalization and standardization of sex relations. As soon as they started undoing this, someone should have said “now wait a second here…”

But I guess everyone was excited to be a part of the free sex program.

The liberation of women is at the core of our troubles.

It was the first sin of man and it was the first sin of Western civilization.

“OMG he’s so nice”

The thing about a bitch is: she’s always going to listen to a talking snake over you.

Speaking of Roman Polanski: did you know that John Lennon got shot outside of the apartment where they filmed Rosemary’s Baby, Polanski’s film about the birth of the son of Satan?

Did you even know there was a 1968 film called “Rosemary’s Baby” about the birth of the Antichrist?

John Lennon was shot in 1980. He was married to a Japanese woman. The killer was also married to a Japanese woman, who admitted a couple years ago that she knew he was planning to kill Lennon.

The killer, Mark David Chapman, was from a military family and was a drug user before joining an evangelical cult group. (The recent handjob shooter was in an Evangelical cult group.) He shot Lennon because he said there was a secret message in the horrible Jewish novel, Catcher in the Rye.

The book is associated with other murders.

Several shootings have been associated with Salinger’s novel, including Robert John Bardo’s murder of Rebecca Schaeffer and John Hinckley Jr.’s assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. Additionally, after fatally shooting John Lennon, the delusional fanatic Mark David Chapman was arrested with a copy of the book that he had purchased that same day, inside of which he had written: “To Holden Caulfield, From Holden Caulfield, This is my statement”.

The book, about “rebelling against the man,” had an incredible influence on the boomers, and it is truly horrible.

Rosemary’s Baby featured a cameo by Anton LaVey, the Jewish head of the Church of Satan.

It also starred Mia Farrow, Woody Allen’s wife who claims her ADOPTED daughter was raped by Allen. The other adopted daughter ended up marrying Allen.

Polanski was a Holocaust survivor. A few months after Rosemary’s Baby was released, his pregnant wife was killed, allegedly by the Manson family.

Charlie said he didn’t do it. There was no evidence he did anything. The trial was utterly bizarre, based on a conspiracy theory that he was giving a wink and a nod to his followers to go kill people, without actually ever telling them to do it. It was a bit like how there was not any direct order for the Holocaust – just a wink and nod system.

The argument to the jury was basically: “Look at this guy! He’s nuts! He’s on drugs! Look at him!” That was true, but that doesn’t make him a satanic murder mastermind.

Mia Farrow’s son, Ronan – who was her actual natural born child – invented the #metoo movement with his investigation into Harvey Weinstein, which was yet another massive social transformation agenda.

The more you look at the last 75 years of Western history, the more it all starts to feel like a gigantic CIA mind control operation.

I’m just going to tell you, hopefully without sounding schizophrenic: I am a minor celebrity, or an internet celebrity, whatever, and I was strangely pulled in to all of these various weird events of the last several years. Especially with the Alt-Right stuff, and the lead-up to Charlottesville, it felt like it was a series of manipulated events. Looking back, it especially looks like that. It now feels like the whole thing was created on purpose in order to serve as a platform for the current anti-white agenda. That really was the jumping off point for “white people are evil,” was it not?

There are a lot of very weird things that happened.

Now, we’ve actually seen that the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers were both led by FBI agents, and they’re the people who led the Capitol Storm. I think that was an obvious staged event, which we can understand. We can also easily understand that the coronavirus hoax is a staged event.

If we look back at the Holocaust, we understand that his was a manufactured event.

I think there’s a good chance if you go back through all of the history, to World War II, you can end up viewing every major event as a part of a large public psychodrama, run by intelligence agencies.

But who knows – maybe I’m just thinking along these lines today because after saying it would be funny if there was a video montage of cops shooting black people set to the tune of Radiohead’s “Karma Police,” I started listening to the entire “The Bends” album, and it’s got my head in a weird place.

Of course, inside of the theory, Radiohead’s “The Bends” would be a pretty important tone-setting album for early millennials. Produced by, you know – whoever.

A guy who acts like a child sexual abuse victim.

Did you know he was supposed to be the writer of the Fight Club soundtrack, but he was “too fucked up” at the time?

Fight Club being the film that was by far the most influential film on the childhood of most intelligent early millennial males (and which remains to this day the greatest film ever made).

Yeah but no, seriously – I think every major public event of the last 75 years was staged purposefully by the CIA, in order to press a global satanic agenda, and I think there is an interlocking network of mind control cults used to create these events.

But maybe when you come down to it, the explanation is that the Devil is real, and for a short time, he has taken control.

Would it really be shocking to find out that there are forces beyond the veil?

Do you know what “reality” is? Do you know what matter is? Consciousness?

Do you know what’s going on here?