This Russia Thing

Play third world games, win third world prizes

I’ve been way too deep in this Russia hoax for way too long, but right now, we are experiencing something monumental. I don’t know if people are recognizing exactly how historic what is happening right now actually is. You hear about this Russia nonsense for four years straight, and you end up just tuning it out.

Right now, as of yesterday (actually as of September 29, but yesterday is when they started saying it), it is officially admitted, via declassified documents, that this was completely a hoax, orchestrated by Hillary Clinton.

Throughout the entire years-long Russia investigation, everyone in the government knew it was a hoax.

This is the biggest crime in the entire history of politics. You can scour through history, go all the way back to ancient Greece, and you will not find a political crime even approaching this magnitude.

All of these people are confirmed to have been sitting by and allowing this to happen, while knowing as an absolute matter of fact it was all a gigantic hoax:

  • Hillary Clinton
  • James Comey
  • James Clapper
  • Rod Rosenstein
  • Barack Obama

Along with basically the entire Obama Administration, and every other intelligence official.

Imagine: this was the news for years on end.

All of those people knew it was a hoax.

They knew it was a hoax because they hoaxed it.

The public now knows as a matter of absolute fact that all these people knew, and stood by, saying nothing, while the country went insane over a completely false, nonsensical hoax.

As we sit here right now, no one has been arrested, and there is apparently no plan to arrest anyone.

Attorney General William Barr has already said in so many words that there is no situation in which he will charge Barack Obama or any other former high-ranking official with a crime.

The evidence is all in, no one is denying the evidence – you don’t have Obama out there saying “hey, wait a minute!” – and there are no charges. Barr might claim he is thinking about charges, just like he claimed he was thinking about charging the Antifa that were burning down our cities. But there won’t be any charges from him.

If Joe Biden somehow takes over the White House in January, no one ever will be arrested, and the biggest crime in political history will go unpunished.

This is an utterly ridiculous, disgusting situation, and every single American should be ashamed that this is what our country has become. This isn’t a country anymore. It is an idiotic farce run by unelected shadow people. It’s a joke. If there are any history books in the future, teachers will burst out laughing in front of classrooms when telling the story of the fall of the American Empire.

You, me and every single American were personally wronged by these people. We deserve to see every single one of them raided at dawn by men in masks holding rifles. We deserve to see Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein and all of the rest of them tried and sentenced.

They didn’t do this to some abstract idea of government, they did it to us, the people of this country. If we were not a nation of absolute cowards, we would be out in the streets demanding justice, right now. Not justice for Donald Trump, but justice for the country. Justice for ourselves.

I will just tell you this: more disgusting than the fact that a bunch of scummy people got together and used intelligence agencies to take over a country and then committed outrageous crimes is the fact that they got caught and nothing happened to them.

It’s shameful.